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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Friday, February 13, 2015

3 Years without Kathryn

January 22nd – remembering Christmas on this date three years ago. This would be Kathryn’s last Christmas. I can still see the smile on her face as she opened her gifts. I miss that smile so much. I brought this up because today (January 22, 2015) Scott and I just packed up the last box of Christmas. It is hard to think about her as gone.

I was at my student’s house the other day and the Home Health nurse came over to change his dressing about his hickman line and flush it. We talked as she worked. She knows Kathy the nurse that helped us with Kathryn.

My friend Julyn had a send off party for her daughter. Not like the one we had for Kathryn. Her send off party was forever. They are Mormon and her daughter will be gone for 18 months on her mission. She will be in Spain. We were at her house and one of my former students was there. We talked for a while and he seems to be doing great!. His Mom came over and talked to me and asked about Kathryn. She said something about it getting easier. I said that they say it gets easier but I think it is actually getting harder. I am off of the couch and functioning but it is hard. She asked me if I went right back to work or how that all went. I said I stayed home for the rest of the year. It would not have been good for me or the kids for me to be at school. I was pretty bitter and mad. I think one ungrateful kid would have sent me over the edge at that point. I shared my butterfly story with her. We also talked about spirits for a while. I just wish Kathryn was on a mission and would be coming home soon. I still pray for God to have her visit. The Christmas eve vision was a good one but I would give anything to hold her again.

My student is having his surgery on the 2nd of February. It will be a day that I don’t forget. I was very concerned about who would be doing the surgery and what they might do. I don’t want him to lose his leg. I sent a message to a friend from camp who told me last summer that he only has his legs because this second doctor saved them. His oncologist we going to have them amputated and this other doctor said he could save them. I got hold of this doctor and found out that he is indirectly involved with my student. I was so happy. They assured me that the same doctor my friend had was in the loop and helping with the decisions. I’m relieved. Well, this all changed on my way to work in the morning of Jan 27th. My friends doctor called me and said he would like to see my student and that he had an opening at 1:00. I called the family and they were more than happy to meet with this doctor. His name is Dr. Conrad. Dr. Conrad asked if I could be there too. After a bit of work I found a way to get my last two classes covered and I met up with the family and Dr. Conrad at Children’s in Seattle. I’m so glad I was there. Dr. Conrad offered to take my student as his patient and they agreed. He has done well over a 100 of these surgeries and the other doctor had done two as a student and none on her own. I know doctors have to learn and eventually do a surgery on their own but I don’t want a new doctor practicing on my child or my student. Sorry, but I know that experience can make all the difference in the world. As we talked to doctor Conrad I brought up my friend from camp. He said he was an extreme case and he had to fight with 30 different doctors who all want to amputate both of his legs. My friend walks on those legs!!! You see the experience in this doctor made a huge difference. The surgery will not be on the 2nd but some time after that.

I also got some bad news over the weekend. My friend Nick who I recently did Arts and Crafts with in the hospital has relapsed again. He now has full blown AML. He can’t have another bone marrow transplant as he has had two already. His cancer has become resistant to chemo. But Dr. Thomas has been researching and working on a new treatment plan. I was talking to Mom as they were waiting for the doctor to come in. Nick wants to have a big party with all of his friends. Sounds like Kathryn. She just wanted to have a big party and enjoy her friends. Kids are amazing aren’t they? I’m hopeful that Dr. Thomas will find the right mix of treatments for Nick. He is a brilliant man. I have had the pleasure of working with him a couple of times. He knows his stuff.

Wine tasting with my junior/high school friends. What an evening. The wine tasting was something I won at the Wine Auction last year for Camp Goodtimes. The host was Rob the owner of Finn Hill Winery. He as a fantastic host and we all had such a good time. I couldn’t believe how the time flew. I didn’t get home until 1 am. I haven’t stayed out that late for years.

Some good news too. Another boy from camp Colton is now in remission. He has also been fighting cancer for years. He has relapsed three or four times. He has had bone marrow transplants, chemo, and t-cell treatments. Hopefully this will last.

But, then on the same day as we celebrate Colton’s remission, one of our camp kids Katie Elliott passes away. Katie had gone through so much. Her body was full of rods and screws to hold her together. The cancer ate at her bones. The pain of bone cancer is horrific but she had a beautiful way about her. She smiled and laughed and enjoyed life. When I see the photos of her from camp I know that Scott and I have chosen to support a place that allows kids like Katie to enjoy the life that they are living for the moment. It gives them a place where they can have love, joy, fun and a time to throw cancer to the side line. Even if life is cut short, Camp is a place that can help these kids get every bit of happiness they possibly can get out of it. Camp Goodtimes is not just a week long. There are connections made that go on throughout the year. The Goodtimes Project is committed to extending this connections more and more as it grows. Families like Katie’s need the support beyond camp as does every family that battles pediatric cancer. There are no words that can take away the fear and uncertainty that cancer brings to a family. But there can be support through actions, words and love.

One of my students asked me if I was a Seahawk fan. I said, “Sure, they are our home team.” He inquired a bit more as to why I would like the Seahawks. I told him I liked what they do. He said, “You mean at Seattle Children’s?” I said, “Yes.” I love what Russell Wilson does for the kids at Children’s. The smiles that he brings is priceless. I don’t know if he truly realizes how mush his visits mean to these families and how it helps the healing process. I’m just glad he has chosen to act. To take part in something so meaningful. To show others that a little kindness goes a very long way. I’m hoping my student will get to meet him too.

The day is drawing near. The third anniversary of Kathryn’s death. I will never forget that day. The vision is so clear. The last breath still heard. I miss her laugh, her smile, her hugs, and her sweet little voice. I miss her innocents. I miss shopping with her. I miss watching movies with her. I miss decorating with her. I miss planning parties with her. I miss having her in my life. No, it doesn’t get easier. No, time does NOT heal this pain. No, nothing will replace what I had with her. My heart is broken forever. There is a hole in my life that will never be filled. This empty space that is dark and lonely. I long for her.

The 2nd of February came and I was at work as I should be. Distracting my mind as best as I can. But then just before 1st period was to begin I received a text message and I read it. It was from a friend remembering Kathryn as I love people to do. The tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t hold it back. There were many kids in the room and one of them caught a glance of my tears. I tried to hide them as quickly as I could. Then as I went on with the day I just made some big mistakes. Adding and subtracting and the algebra that I can do so easily I fumbled. I apologized to my students and quickly made the statement that it was the 3rd anniversary of my daughter’s death. The looks on their sweet faces showed they cared but didn’t know what to say. I sucked it up and went on. I was able to get past all of this and finish out with out more mistakes.

February 5th was Kathryn’s 24th birthday. She would have been working by now as a child life specialist at Children’s or Mary Bridge. She is probably there in spirit helping those kids through the tough times.

Pablo is moving along with treatment. His Pet scan came out the way they wanted showing the tumor was more than 50% dead. However he will get three days of chemo in the hospital the 6th, 7th and 8th. He came home late in the afternoon or early evening on the 9th.

Saturday the 7th we had a fun filled evening to remember Kathryn and celebrate Richard’s 28th birthday. I can’t believe my little boy is so grown up and such a wonderful man. His beautiful fiancee surprised him on Monday the 2nd with tequila sunrises and graham crackers with fun-fetti frosting in honor of Kathryn. She is a wonderful woman and treats Richard so well. We are blessed to have her in our family. I guess I was a little stressed and dropped things and cut my finger. But the evening was great. I love seeing Kathryn’s friends. Some of the girls were up in her room with my Mom. We could hear their laughter downstairs. It was great to hear laughter coming from her room as it always did when she was here with us. We had fireworks late into the evening and even fired off the cannon. Then we sent sky lanterns up into the air. They are like mini hot-air balloons. We went out 6 of them. It was so cool. I know Kathryn would have enjoyed this. All in all it was a great weekend.

A few days later I received something in the mail for Kathryn. It was from a graduation company. There was the invite to attend her graduation with the Western Washington University design on the front. I thought about saving it but then I thought why? It’s kind of strange that this should come in the mail just after I noticed that Kathryn had put in her profile on her facebook page that she graduated from Western. She was certainly optimistic.

Yesterday 2/12/15 my new Principal at my school saw me and he said, “Wait here I have something for you.” He ran into his office and reached into his bag. Then he handed me a package of Gummy Pandas. I was really surprised and so pleased that he would think of me and remember Kathryn. These are the little things in life that bring more joy than people will ever know.

Just today I received a notice from a young lady that knew Kathryn in elementary school and lost connection when she moved in middle school. But then a friend of hers met Kathryn on he trip to Europe with People to People. Such a lovely piece that she wrote. I thank all of you who remember and cherish your memories of Kathryn. I thank all of you who share with me. I love hearing from you and would love to have coffee with anyone who loved my dear sweet girl.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and share this love everyday throughout the year as it should be.

Love you all,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thanksgiving/Christmas 2014

Thanksgiving/Christmas 2014

Thanksgiving: I went to my Mom’s house the day before Thanksgiving to help her with cleaning and getting dinner ready for 18 people. It was quite a task but we had a lot of fun doing it. The turkey was put in the oven at Midnight and done at 6:00 am Thanksgiving morning. Mom and I laughed all night and again early in the morning. I sure love her. I didn’t get much sleep and her cat didn’t help jumping on me all night long. I had a killer headache all day but I still wouldn’t trade the fun we had for a non-headache day. Thanksgiving was good.

So a day or two after Thanksgiving I went shopping for the family I adopted through Candlelighters. These are all families in need that also have a child with cancer. I had the same family in 2012 and 2013. That family lost their precious little boy (2 years old) to cancer in February of 2014. This year the family I had was also from my school. So I had 5 people to shop for. The staff at my school pitched in too. While I was shopping I was looking at this nice winter coat for the Mom. I tried on the coat and I still wasn’t sure if it would be the right size. So, I sized up another lady in the store and asked her if she would try on the coat for me. She was glad to help. I shared with her that I had adopted a family through Candlelighters and she knew about it. She said she worked for Multicare in as a Hospice nurse. I looked at her and I said, “You were my daughter’s nurse.” We never signed up for hospice but she was our palliative care nurse. Before I could say more she said, “Yes, Kathryn! We were just talking about her last week.” Wow, that was amazing. I couldn’t believe that it was “Kathy” the nurse who came to our house to help us deal with Kathryn’s very serious situation. She was great then and still a very wonderful person. We stood there in the store and talked for about an hour. She shared a couple of stories with me. I did remind her that she is the symbol of death to most people. She was for me. I also reminded her that I told her, “I am not going to talk to you any more about my daughter dying.” She said she remembered that. We both understood how I felt at the time. We had a very nice talk and I was so pleased to hear that she still thinks of Kathryn. Out of all of her patients she and her colleague still think of my daughter.

We have a friend (Wes) who was a teacher. He taught my two older brothers and myself. He was a regular customer of my Dad’s at the gas station. I also worked with him at Stadium High School. Now he is also a friend of Scotts through his used tire shop. Anyhow, Scott was at the tire shop and they were talking. Wes asked about how we are doing and such. He described me to Scott as one of those dolls that you can push over but it just keeps on standing back up. Some of you may remember, “Webbles wobble but they don’t fall down.” He said that I could be handed just about anything and deal with it. Nothing takes me down. I’m strong and I guess he is right. I have been handed a lot of bad stuff in my life and I just keep on going. Glad he noticed. I’m flattered that he thinks of me this way.

Klyde the cat continues to move the pillows from the living room to the spot where Princess (the dog) would sleep or eat. He has crawled into bed with us a few times now and even slept with us all night once. This is so out of character for him. He is not a loving cat. He does not like to be held of loved. But his losses are great! He lost his Mommy (Kathryn) and his sister (Princess).

Christmas decorating was done with many tears. A few times I pulled out an ornament and just broke into tears. The shoe tree did me in pretty good. Kathryn was just like me if not worse. She loved to have lots of shoes. I bought her a couple of ornaments that were tress with shoes hanging from them. It sounds weird but they are cute. And very fitting for Kathryn. She loved them. Scott really got into the outside lights this year. I really think he was doing it with Kathryn in mind. He did a great job with the lights.

I got a really strange email and it said it was from Kathryn Bradley and sent form her Iphone. Weird! That’s all I can say. I found this to be very weird.

Jeff (my principal) and I talked about his Mom and that she may be coming around. She had been very depressed since her son died. She stayed home and won’t go out. She actually asked this year about Christmas and where it would be and how she was going to go to Christmas. It did happen too! I was so happy to find out after the break that she did in fact celebrate Christmas with her family. Jeff and I also talked about spirits and how they are for real. He shared a really great story with me about a boy and his Dad. They were both in the hospital in separate rooms. I can’t remember but I think they were in an accident. They were both in very bad shape when all of a sudden the boy sat up and at that same moment the Dad passed away in the next room. It was like the boy saw his Dad’s spirit. I do believe we live with spirits all around us.

Shortly before Christmas I was shopping at the fabric store and I saw this Dad with his son. The son was definitely disabled in his mental capcity. He couldn’t speak and made strange movements. Dad had to direct him around the store. He was great! The Dad. The way he was calm and called his son buddy. The son must have been 16 or so. They patiently waited for the younger sister to get her fleece cut. She was going to make blankets for Christmas gifts. The son did his figiting and it didn’t even phase Dad. I left the fabric store and moved on the “World Market.” I was looking for wine stoppers but didn’t find any. I did find some other things. I thought I should look at the ornaments as I had bought one for Richard (my son), Katherine (his fiancĂ©) and Kathryn but I hadn’t found one that was fitting for Scott. I looked and didn’t find a thing. But on my way out I walked by the ornaments again and there it was. It was a beautiful glass Panda. I didn’t see it there before. Now it jumped out at me. I really don’t think it was there before but it was put there for me to find the second time through. I couldn’t believe it! As I was checking out the cashier and I were talking about the Panda and I told her that Panda’s were special because of Kathryn. I told her about Kathryn and Camp Goodtimes. Then she told me about her 8-year-old son who wanted this same Panda but chose to buy the wooden one because it could break and he wanted his Panda to last forever. Then she told me about her other three children. One of them had severe seizers regularly. The other two had serious disabilities too. I should have made better notes so I could remember what they were. As I left the store and thought about her dealing with three children with disabilities every day and the Dad from the fabric store who had dreams of his son being an athlete or going fishing with him or working on cars with him and those dreams were crushed. I became very thankful. I was thankful that I had Kathryn for 21 years. I had a whole Kathryn that I could share my life with. I had the perfect daughter that I enjoyed so much. She was able to do everything and be the special person that she was. She experienced independence and life to the fullest. I was thankful that we had the best Mother Daughter relationship there could be. I’m sure both of these parents love their children and hold them dear. I was just thankful that my time with Kathryn was not complicated with disabilities. Twenty-one great years!

As Christmas drew close I started to feel the stress. I love having Christmas at my house but this year it hit me hard on Christmas Eve that my daughter was not here. I was trying to make pies and get things done and then I got a severe headache and neck pain. I couldn’t function. My kitchen was all torn apart and I was running out of time. I also had to be dressed and ready to head to Seattle for dinner by 4:15. All I could do was lay on the couch. I would try to get those darn pies done but I couldn’t. As I lay there on the couch I had a visit. It was a visit from Kathryn. It was so real. There she was in her skinny jeans, t-shirt and sweatshirt partially zipped and her pink beanie on. She was walking hand in hand with Jesus. They were walking down from heaven. They were laughing and smiling. She joined me here at the house. She and I lay across her bed and talked and laughed. We looked at the ceiling painted with animal clouds. We talked about how her friends had a good time figuring out what each animal the clouds were when they came to visit her. Then we decided we better go get her Dad (Scott). We ran down the hall to the master bedroom to inform Scott that she was here to visit. Now we had to decide how to tell Richard. We wanted him to see Kathryn but we didn’t know exactly how to tell him and we didn’t want him to drive the 2 plus hours from Bellingham so emotionally that he might get in an accident. My vision ended there.
It was really something. I really had a very peaceful feeling after that.

Richard and Katherine stopped by to drop off gifts on Christmas Eve. I pulled myself up to say hi to them and chat a bit. They told me the lay back down. I was also told I looked terrible. I looked like I had a bad hangover and then smoked some pot to feel better and I hadn’t taken a shower in a couple of days. I looked bad. Right after Richard and Katherine left I threw up too. I was not feeling good. Stress does this to me. Worry – sorrow or whatever it is. It is not the flu or anything like that. It is my emotions. I had my vision after Richard and Katherine left and I started to feel a bit better. I pulled myself together around 3:00. I finished those darn pies, cleaned the kitchen and jumped in the shower. I was ready to roll at 4:15. All the way to Seattle I talked to myself. I talked myself into feeling better. As the evening progressed I felt better and better. I think I was satisfied having my visit from Kathryn. The dinner went well and I had a great time. Katherine said I looked great! She couldn’t believe I looked so bad just a couple of hours ago.

When I woke up on Christmas day I felt fabulous! I must say it was that best I had felt in a long time. Richard and Katherine came down from Seattle in the morning to open gifts and help out. It was so relaxing and easy. The day was great! We had 14 for dinner. I made too many pies by the way. Everything was perfect. I forgot to mention that I found the perfect ornaments for Richard (a skier), Katherine (a wine glass with Cheers written on it) and one for Kathryn (a high heel shoe in sparkles of lime green and hot pink). It was a wonderful Christmas!

Dr Choa – This is the doctor I have been seeing for acupuncture. My hands have felt great every since I have been seeing him. After my visit I sat and talked with him and his daughter in the front waiting room for at least a half an hour. I told them about Kathryn. His grandson has a brain tumor or had one but he is not able to care for himself now. He said some times it is better for the person to just pass away. Well…. I’m sure some parents would definitely disagree with him but others may just think that the quality is more important than the quantity. That was something we thought about Kathryn. If she did come through this (which was highly unlikely) would she have her life back? What kind of life would it be? Such hard questions. I guess I have that to be thankful for too. I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have to make any hard decisions. I had no control and everything happened as it did. My Dad never wanted to live like he did that last two years of his life. My husband always tells me not to let him live like that. He would rather die. I saw in the news that there is a 17-year-old girl who talks about quality of life versus quantity. But I can’t agree with her or her mother. She has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and she wants to skip chemotherapy. This type of cancer has an 85% survival rate. Why would a mother agree to no treatment? The state has intervened and is forcing treatment. Some day she may have a family and look back and thank the state for treating her cancer. This will be an interesting story to follow. The other girl who had the GBM I could understand her decision to take her own life. She was at a point of no return I’m afraid. I don’t know what I would do for myself. I know that I certainly didn’t and wouldn’t have turned my back on treatment for Kathryn. Especially at such a young age.

The Jehovah Witness ladies came to my house and we talked about creation. We also talked about how I fear Richard has turned his back on God. I can’t talk to him about it because he will just argue with me. But my Mom talked to him on Christmas and she did ok with him. I also shared with him some of my experiences with messages from Kathryn. I think he was a bit taken by my story of the butterfly in the yard. If you don’t remember here it is. I was going to go out and work in the yard this past summer. I was missing Kathryn more than usual so I asked her for a sign. I asked her to send me a butterfly. Have it flutter around me I said. As I worked in the yard there came a white little butterfly. It fluttered around me and hung out for a while. I giggled and said, “That’s not a real butterfly!” Send a Monarch or some other big colorful butterfly. A little later there it was. There was a huge orange and black butterfly fluttering right in my face. It was there as if to say, “Here you go Mom!” It stayed there awhile. Right by me the whole time. I laughed and I cried all at the same time. I was so excited I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy. This was truly an amazing day. I think Richard didn’t know what to think. I asked him if he has heard from Kathryn and he said no. I told him he just had to ask and she would send him a sign. I also told him he had to be open to hearing from her. I ask to hear from her all the time and I don’t always hear from her right away. Richard said that she maybe visiting other people when I don’t hear from her. I told him that I thought that was it too. I’m sure she visits other people and is very busy doing this. I hope she visits him. He needs to hear form her.

Last Friday (1/9) night I spent my evening at MaryBridge Hospital in Tacoma. I was down there visiting our friend Nick. This is his third battle with cancer. I had such a great evening with him and his Mom. We did arts and crafts and talked about Kathryn. He shared a sad time with me. A time shortly after he heard about Kathryn passing. It just hit him one day. He said all of a sudden he was there at school and just couldn’t stop crying. He went to his locker and packed up his stuff and just left school and headed home. He said he cried all night. He was so upset about the thought of Kathryn being gone. We also talked about Kathryn visiting spiritually. He was very careful to ask me first if he could ask questions about Kathryn. He didn’t want to upset me. I told him that I loved talking about Kathryn and if I should cry it is ok. We talked about a photo that both he and I were looking for. It was a photo of him and Kathryn at camp. I know the photo is here somewhere. But I have looked and looked and can’t find it. He asked me if I thought that Kathryn might have hidden it. Maybe she had a bad hair day or something and didn’t want it found. I didn’t think that was the case. But who knows. Maybe she did hide it. I should ask her again to help me find it. He asked me how I was doing and I said, “ok.” He said, “No you are not ok, you are amazing!” I love this kid. When he finishes this fight I hope that he never ever has to go through this again.

Did you hear the latest break through! Did you hear that they decided that most cancers are caused from bad luck? Yes, lung cancer and skin cancer have definite ways to lessen your chances of getting them but for other cancers it is just that the person has bad luck. Wow! Bad luck! I didn’t see any real reason for Kathryn to get cancer. She was never sick. She had a couple of ear infections and sniffles but nothing unusual or ever sick enough to miss school. So, she was handed a bad card. The one of bad luck. At least these findings tell me I didn’t do anything wrong as a parent. You do second-guess yourself when your child dies. You blame yourself for not being more attentive to the chemicals and stuff in this world. But I have known of people with the healthiest of lifestyles that should or we thought should keep cancer away only to get it and die from it. I think it is too complex to find a cause. Brian cancer is one of the biggest mysteries.

My neighbor started chemo on the 12th. She wanted to have a party before she started and felt icky. So we watched the football game with her and several other neighbors at their house on the 10th. It was a great afternoon. I’m really glad we went. It is so important to do these little things for people. We were going to watch the game anyhow and why not share the time with our neighbor, as she wanted? It really made her happy to have all of us there. I guess I should make them some lasagna soon.
Well, one of my colleagues came to me after school. He wanted to share something with me before he made it public. Yep, he has cancer. He has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He is optimistic and we just talked for a while. I sure appreciated him coming to me first. His diagnoses was confirmed on Christmas Eve of all days. He started treatment on the 15th of January. He said, “They are going to fry me with chemo.” He is getting I think three types of chemo. An IV drip and some by pill. Being optimistic helps and having a family to live for helps too. He has two children in high school and a wonderful wife.

Planning on a celebration for Kathryn and Richard. It will be on the 7th of February. I’m thinking I should take the 6th off. It will be a breakfast dinner with just a few people. Richard will be 28 this year. Kathryn would have been 24. The 2nd will mark three years since she left us. I don’t think I will ever get over it. It will be good to have friends and family around. We didn’t last year and it nearly tore me apart. The 7th is the perfect date as it is right between Richard and Kathryn’s birthdays of the 9th and 5th. There might even be a big event that day. Rowan’s Mom, Rebecca is due with the twins. Rowan was 4 1/2 when she passed away of brain cancer on May 18th 2013. Her brother will be Roland and her sister will be named Wren. I can’t wait to meet them.

The boy I am doing homebound tutoring for will be having surgery in a week or two. They haven’t scheduled it yet. There isn’t a surgeon in Tacoma that could do the surgery so they will have to go to Seattle. Even there the surgeon said it would be a long and difficult surgery. It sounds like they will have a team of surgeons. He will be there for 5 days or more. The only good part is… Well, he may get to meet Russell Wilson of the Seahawks. I know that would really make him happy. His cancer has also spread from the pelvic bone to his leg as well. From what I understand they don’t really know what type of cancer it is. I was asked how do they know how to treat it. They chose a treatment to something that is close to what this might be and then hope it works. Scott said, “How could it be spreading if he is getting treatment?” I guess they didn’t choose the correct chemo. I really don’t know. I was asked if the spreading is bad. Well, it is never good when cancer spreads. But I can tell you that this boy has more drive right now and is positive and optimistic. He doesn’t seem worried. He is letting the doctors do what they need to do and he is trusting that they will do their best. And his smile would truly warm your heart. I’m privileged to be working with him.

So I’m ending here. I hope you have enjoyed reading my about my thoughts and experiences. I hope you all remember to do those little things for people. Time is the best thing to give. It is our most valuable asset.

Pray for Rebecca to have an easy delivery. Pray that Roland and Wren are healthy. Pray that the boy I tutor has a great team of surgeons with steady hands. And pray that my friend Nick is done with cancer forever and lives on to be a healthy adult. And finally pray for my neighbor and colleagues. Pray that this difficult time quickly becomes just a memory of the past as they take on a life free of cancer. Thank you for your love and concern for my friends.

Go Seahawks!!!