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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Labor Day 2013

Tdoday 9-2-13 marks 19 months since Kathryn passed away

This week started with the news of child passing brain cancer and ends with another child passing from brain cancer.  Hanna was diagnosed in 2007 and died in 2010 just after her 12th birthday.  8/1/98 to 8/30/10  This really makes me question why.  Why did she and so many other children have to die?  I don’t know why I was given the news about Hannah but it showed up on my facebook page.  She may have been a camper from Camp Goodtimes.  Just too many kids.

On Monday on the way home from my Mom’s I pass Mountain View Funeral Home.  This is where Kathryn was taken after she passed.  I don’t know why we always come home this way.  We always go to the cabin or to my Mom’s house a different way but when coming home we always pass the Funeral Home.  It makes me see Kathryn lying so still.  I see her as she was that last day or in the viewing.  I don’t see struggle, just peace and quiet.  They took very good care of her and made her look good for her viewing.

I returned to the gym on Tuesday (8/27) after seeing my hip Doctor.  I have a new trainer Shawn.  He shared a bit about himself with me and I shared with him.  I told him about Kathryn and then he shared more with me.  His brother passed away in 2010 of an accidental carbon monoxide over dose.  It was from a generator that was outside but still too close to the doorway.  His mother had a hip replacement about 2 years ago so he knows that I have new limits.  We worked on my upper body this day and I felt it for three.  It’s nice to get back to the gym and I think Shawn is going to be a good trainer.

Wednesday 8/28 - we had Cougar Kick Off at our school.  That is when the families come in and get their picture, buy their ASB and Yearbook, and a chance to go through the school and meet their teachers.  I was wearing one of the shirts Kathryn designed (Let a Cure Rain Down).  A Dad really liked it and might order one later in the year.  This was a good day of meeting students and getting together with my Columbia Family.  At Lunch it was decided that I was the most senior teacher.  Now that doesn’t mean I am the oldest but the one with the most teaching years.  I thought for sure there were a couple of teachers who had me beat but I was wrong.
Richard has been filling us in on how things are going and I think he is going to have a great semester.  He is so stoked to be there.

Thursday (8/29) was a day of meetings at school for Richard and me.  At my school we were well taken care of with breakfast, lunch and then a gathering with food and drink at our principals house afterwards.  Once again it was good to sit and talk with my Columbia family.  On the way to our principal’s house you go by a cemetery.  I thought about how I might feel passing by it each day.  I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal since I had no connection with this one.  The one Kathryn was sent to has more than just her as a connection.  It is the place where I went to my first funeral of a close loved one.  I was in third grade and it was for my Grandpa Lee.  They had the full 21-gun salute and I remember everything about that day.  It’s like it was engraved in my brain.  Then when I was in 9th grade my Grandma Peggy passed away at the hands of a doctor who didn’t follow the proper procedures.  This one was a real hard one for me as she and I did a lot together.  I picked out her casket.  I picked out the clothes she would wear.  I helped pick every thing about the day we would lay her to rest.  Yes, I was 14 years old at the time.  It was what I thought would be the hardest thing I would ever have to do.  But then I had to do it for my own daughter. 

On Friday (8/30) I went in to school to meet with rep from the new yearbook company.  He showed me the basics after spending an hour with me.  I feel a lot better about the program now and my ability to do everything.  Another teacher complemented me on my bulletin boards today.  I said, “My daughter made them two years ago.”  Yes, Kathryn did my bulletin boards for me in 2011.  They are very bright.  I think I may have changed the boarder on the calendar board.  I went to the gym again today.  While I was working out with Shawn two young men came up and said hi to me.  I gave them each a big hug, as they are Kathryn’s friends.  I love seeing her friends.  I love it even more that they came up to me to say hi.  They have both graduated from college.  One of them is dating my hip doctor’s daughter (Kathryn’s friend Paige).  It was great to chat with them and keep up with what they are doing.

Saturday I did a bunch of things around the house like washing windows and cleaning the roof over the carport.  I won’t get on the steep roof of the house.  In the evening Scott and I took a nice evening walk when Scott said something about the tracks.  Those tracks!  They are swerving tire tracks from the ambulance making its way up the hill in the snow and ice after bringing Kathryn home from the hospital.  They are a constant reminder.  It’s a good reminder in that Kathryn made it home.  And yet it is a reminder of her struggles.

Sunday morning break down – I lost it!  I just cried pretty darn hard.  I miss my baby so much.  Pulled myself together and got busy.  As you know that is how our family handles this.  We stay busy.  I dropped off a gift for a friend’s Dad.  I hope he likes it.  Yes, he was stricken by cancer too.  First the prostrate and now skin cancer.  I was also hit with an email about a young girl (10?) passing away from cancer.  Her tumor started in the nasal cavity (I think).  It sounded a lot like my Cousin’s husband who passed in May of 2012.  As far as this little girl goes I don’t think her cancer lingered on too long.  I don’t know if this is bad or a blessing.  She has an older brother too.  It makes me wonder how he is doing.  Is he staying busy or is he hanging around in a fog.  It’s so hard for the sibling as they seem to get less attention and need it just as much if not more than the parents.  Well, My day went better as I spent some time with my friend Robyn, swimming at her aunts house. 

And here is something someone posted:

Don't cry for me Daddy,
I'm right here.
Although you can't see me
I see your tears.
I visit you often,
I go to work with you each day,
And when it's time for you
to close your eyes,
On your pillow is where I lay.
I hold your hand &
stroke your hair,
And whisper in your ear.
If you're sad today Daddy,
Remember, I am here.
God took me home.
This we know is true.
But you'll always be My Daddy
Even though I'm not with you.
We will never be apart,
For everytime you think of me,
Please know I'm in your Heart..........
~Author Unknown

This is the official last day of summer.  A bit cooler but a good day.  So many things to be thankful for.  I have a great family, good friends and a great place to work with people who are totally awesome.  I have a nice home and plenty of food.  I Have health and that is really important.  And I have so many people who love me.  I’m a lucky girl! J

Just received a phone call that Scott was in a car accident in Everett.  He’s fine!  Not our car but a friend’s big truck.  Not the friend’s fault either.  Some guy ran a red light.  They have a witness who is staying to give a statement to the police.  The guy tried to leave – probably doesn’t have insurance.  Just glad the guys are all ok.

Have a great Labor Day!


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