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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

T-shirts are in 5-19-13

T-shirts are in 5-19-13

Good Morning,

Normally I write little notes throughout the week but I just didn’t even have time for that this week.

It’s been an emotional week for me.  I think Mother’s Day (even though I had a wonderful day) still made me miss Kathryn and that mother daughter connection.  I have found myself crying a lot more than I have in the past three weeks.  I haven’t gone into Kathryn’s room for a long time too.  I mean months.  I only cry when I go in there so I don’t go in.  I know I need to organize and dust in there but I haven’t.  I do have a goal of cleaning her room by the end of the next weekend.  Maybe Scott will help me and it will go better for me.  He is very comfortable in her room.  He talks to her while he feeds her fish and waters her plants.  He puts his hand on her box of ashes and feels her spirit.  He has always been a very spiritual guy.  Very sensitive and connected.

I have probably been a bit more emotional because my little friend Rowan isn’t doing very well.  The doctors can’t agree if a shunt will help her gain back her mobility.  She is having a difficult time swallowing and the story goes on in a familiar way.  Too familiar…  and this makes me sad.  I have spent every second that I am not working or totally engaged in something praying for Rowan.  Once again it is hard to understand why children go through this.  Why do parents who love their child have to go through this too?  If you are a person who prays, please pray for Rowan.  Pray that God will take this disease from her body and give her health.  Pray for her family to give them strength.  They have faith and plenty of it.  They just need God’s mercy and healing power to come their way. 

I have also been asked to speak at the Lakewood Relay for life on the 31st at the Luminaria Ceremony.  I was a bit hesitant but said yes.  I know that I need to do this to help spread hope.  Kathryn would want me to speak.  I actually do enjoy doing it  and speaking about Kathryn helps keep her spirit alive. 

The water shoes have come in for the kids at camp.  Remember that the Durham’s have arranged for each child at Camp Goodtimes to receive a mess bag with a pair of water shoes along with a Panda pin.  There will also be a card attached that explains why they are receiving the shoes.  I will be working on this card today.  This is a very exciting and wonderful project the Durham’s have taken on.  They have done it because they love Kathryn and also wanted to do something to support her love of camp.  I would say they have really done a fabulous job!  Thank you so very much!

The Kathryn “Panda” Bradley shirts should have arrived on Friday to everyone. I got my box and was excited to see them.  I really like how the tribute to Kathryn turned out.  I plan on wearing mine this week to school.  On Monday, well probably Tuesday, I will stop by the t-shirt store and see exactly how we did on raising money for Camp through the t-shirt sales.  I know of people who already want to order more or their first one so I will talk to Randy about doing another set of dates for the store.  I will keep you posted on this.  Let me know if you are interested in buying a t-shirt or know of someone who would like to buy one.  This helps me get an idea of what to tell Randy.

Another good thing… I finished painting our bedroom-bathroom area yesterday.  This has been a huge project but it is all done now.  There are five different colors in the room if you include the ceiling.  It sounds like a lot but two shades of brown and two shades of blue or teal.  And it is a huge space.  I hung one of Kathryn’s art pieces on one of the teal walls and it really looks great!

I also saw the PA about my upcoming surgery.  She really shot me down as far as when and what I can do.  She said, I could not go to Bellingham on the 15th for Bee’s graduation.  This made me think that maybe I should put it off.  Bee is like a daughter to us and missing her graduation is not good.  I told Scott her had to go without me to be our family rep.  I will also be very limited in Hawaii when we go on the 6th of July.  I only get to go if everything goes well.  My student who gave me all of the books doesn’t want me to leave either.  But she understands.  I would put this off but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to go to work at the start of the year in the fall if I do the surgery after Hawaii.  The Doctor and I discussed this and agreed that the earlier date would be best for this reason.  So June 3rd will be the date.  A friend of mine wrote and told me her husband had his hip replaced by the same surgeon just a few years ago and he is very happy with the results.  My cousin (who is in the medical field) told me that he is one of the best hip doctors around.  This is all very encouraging.  I will just get it done and over with.  Then my leg will not feel like it is falling apart.  I will not be in constant pain.  Yeah!  And who knows, I may heal very quickly.  Like Scott said, I am younger than most people having this surgery and in good shape.  What normally happens may be very different for me and in a positive way.  I agree, I’m not one to be held down.

And yet another good thing.  Richard passed his West-E test.  This is a test that you have to pass to become a teacher.  It is a test geared toward your field, so his test was all upper math.  He said he took his time and read every question carefully.  He is glad to have this done and over with.  He is working hard this quarter finishing the last of his college classes.  He is all set up to student teach at Seahome High School in Bellingham.  He is very happy with this placement.  He’s going to be a great teacher.

Have a fabulous day and week!

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