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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother’s Day 2013

The other day we were reminded of a funny situation with Kathryn.  I had made a milk shake and we were at the table.  I asked Scott if he wanted a long spoon for his to keep it stirred.  At first he said no and then he said I better have one.  I don’t want to end up like Kathryn did with her shake.  Well, she was drinking her shake (not with a straw) and you know how shakes will get clumpy when they sit for a little bit.  Her shake got clumpy and she didn’t stir it before she brought it up to take a sip.  A big clump came out and just covered her with shake.  It was so funny.  We all laughed about it.  She was a good sport and didn’t get upset.

The Durham’s have been working on a project for camp to honor Kathryn.  They have ordered water shoes for every child and they will come in a net bag with a panda pin on each one.  The shoes are bright colors and so are the bags.  They are a perfect representation of Kathryn. This wonderful family has been so supportive of camp – it is amazing.  Again Kathryn has inspired others to do great things.

I also received some sad news about our little friend Rowan.  The new spot in her brain is increasing.  She has lost some of her physical abilities.  Her parents are now using a stroller and she doesn’t use her arms like she use to.  They are having a shunt put in to release fluid and this should help bring back her physical abilities.  However that new spot in the brain is concerning.  Please pray for Rowan.  She is the sweetest little girl and the only child of Rebecca and Chuck. 

I have this one student who is a bit different.  She talks to me about things from time to time.  She wrote me a nice note the other day about appreciating me for the things I have done for her.  Her note was quite funny actually.  Anyhow she reads like crazy.  I asked her if she had any ideas of what I should read while I am laid up after my hip surgery.  She came in the next day and said I should talk to the librarian.  Then on Friday she came in before school with this black garbage bag and she sits it on a desk and starts opening it.  She pulls out all of these books and tells me about them.  There were more books than I have read in my entire life!  I brought about half of them home.  I hope I can read enough of them to at least let her know that I appreciated her efforts.  It will be a challenge. 

One of my co-workers stopped by my room after school.  He checks on me periodically to see how I am doing.  We talked about faith and how mine has increased not decreased with Kathryn’s passing.  I have this new inner feeling of peace.  I know that God has Kathryn and she is in a safe place.  I can’t help but think he took her to keep her from being harmed on this Earth.  We talked about people who have children but don’t take care of them and how people get pregnant and don’t want their child.  I told him about a student that I had at Stadium who was pregnant and her boyfriend was in prison.  She was going to become a foster child and live with his mom and the baby would too.  I asked if this was really the life she wanted for herself and her child.  I told her that I had a good job and my own home and I still felt like I couldn’t give enough to my child. I told her that once you become a parent and you love your child with all of your heart you will want to do everything to give your child the best life.  We talked more and I told her that there were many couples out there that wanted to have a baby but just weren’t able to.  She was only 17 and needed to finish school and build a life for herself.  She came to me later and said she adopted the baby out.  She and the family were keeping in contact.  She was very happy with her choice. 

My co-worker and I talked about tithing.  I must admit I haven’t been good about this.  I have given but not consistently or enough.  He told me that he had been in dept and was really struggling to make it once his wife stopped working to take care of their child.  He felt he needed to tithe but didn’t know what to do since he didn’t have any money to give.  He started to give free piano lessons to one or two children each year that didn’t have the funds to pay.  This became his form of tithing.  In one year he was caught up on his bills.  I told him how Kathryn was concerned with her treatment costing so much.  She was worried about the money.  I told her, “Kathryn, I don’t know how it happens but money happens.  Some how it will be here and everything will be just fine.  So, you just think about taking care of yourself and getting better.  Don’t worry about money because it will happen.”  It did take care of itself.  We had many people help us through this and I didn’t’ have to worry about money and neither did Kathryn.  Thank you to all and God. 

I also said I guess Scott and I are tithing in this manor too.  We gave thousands this year to the Wine Auction in support of Camp Goodtimes.  Scott has been helping his friend out who has Parkinson’s.  He bought him a computer, helps him with his art supplies, pays for him to go to yoga and just this weekend took him to Bend Oregon for a luau.  His friend is pretty much stuck at home so going to this luau was really special.  Scott set it up to pick him up on Friday and stay over night in Bend.  They went out to one of the lady’s houses for dinner on Friday night.  She is one of Russell’s friends from Hawaii.  On Saturday they went to Mt Bachelor for the luau.  There they saw several old friends from Hawaii.  One of these friends was Gerry Lopez (a very famous surfer).  He wrote a book.  He had one copy in the car and went and got one for Scott’s friend.  He signed it too.  Scott’s friend was beaming.  This was a great day for him and for Scott.  I can see in Scott’s eyes just how important this was for him to do this for his friend.  Scott is a good man and very giving.  He is so very thoughtful and I am very lucky to have him in my life.  When you do something for others your heart fills with warmth and your whole being is filled with joy. 

Today is Mother’s Day.  The best thing I ever did in my life.  Becoming a Mom was so important to me.  I had to go through a lot to get there but I have two beautiful children.  Richard and Bee have invited us up for lunch.  My Mom and Bee’s Mom will also be there.  It should be a nice day.  I’m looking forward to seeing the two of them.  We do talk to Richard every day.  One of us talks to him each day.  It has been great to have him share his lesson plans with me.  He will make a fine teacher.

To all of you Mother’s – Have a wonderful day!
And to all of you children – Thank you for making our lives so full of love and happiness. You make us proud.

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  1. Carol,

    This is beautiful! Thank you for the heart felt words and testimony of your faith. I have an unshakable testimony about tithing and service.....and ........ Love isn't love til you give it away. You give love in all that you do. Scott is a good man and both of you are blessed to have each other.
    I love you lots~