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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wine Auction and Kathryn’s Return 4-13-13

Wine Auction and Kathryn’s Return 4-13-13

Last weekend we helped out with the Wine Auction for Camp Goodtimes.  We headed up there on Friday to help get everything organized for a quick set up the next evening.  I help trimming flowers and making arrangements.  There was a lot of volunteers so it went pretty fast.  I wrote a ton of thank you cards, even had to take some back to the hotel to finish.  We went to Red Robin for dinner when we were done.  We stayed at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle Friday and Saturday night.

Saturday was pretty relaxing.  We actually slept in until maybe 6:30 or 7.  That’s late for us.  Scott had bought a bow-tie for the auction but we didn’t know how to tie it.  The front desk girls all gave it a try.  I actually had it the night before but wasn’t sure that it was right.  At lunch our server brought us a video and then I got it just fine.  Reading the directions and following still pictures just wasn’t enough.  But once I watched the video I had it.  It looked real good too.  We both took turns putting on our fancy clothes to see what would work best.  It was fun.

We headed out to the Wine Auction around 5:15 to help with the set up.  When we got there I was told that we couldn’t set up until 6:00 and we had all planned on 5:30.  That means we would have 30 minutes to set the entire deal up.  There were probably 20 to 25 tables for the silent auction and all of the auction items to set up.  There were dinner tables to set with the center pieces.  Thank goodness for over 80 volunteers who all made this happen in 30 minutes.  Richard and Bee were volunteers that night.  They spent a little time with us later in the evening. 

At the dinner there were speakers.  One was a young man speaking about scholarships.  He was about Kathryn’s age and he too had a medulloblastoma like Kathryn did when she was 8.  He seemed to be doing fine.  There was also a video of a family.  Their young son also had a medulloblastoma.  I think he was only 16 months when he was diagnosed with this.  The video spoke more about the sibling (the older daughter) and how she was lost in all of this cancer stuff.  The little boy with cancer needed more care and took more of the parent’s time.  This is what happens.  She said once her daughter was able to attend camp it brought her back.  Camp gave them back their daughter who had been lost for all of these years.  Camp gave her a place where there were kids like her.  Kids who had siblings that were going through cancer.  Kids who may feel a bit left out because their sibling is getting all of the attention and Mom and Dad are worried and consumed with getting the sick child well.

As I watched this video I looked at my brother (Pat) sitting across the table from me.  He was watching it and I was crying.  I thought about how he took Richard under his wing for that year.  When he asked what he could do back in 1999 to help, all I could think of was Richard.  I told him that Richard would get lost in all of this cancer stuff.  I asked him to take Richard under his wing and teach him how to ski.  So he did!  One day that fall he went over to my Mom and Dad’s house and grabbed Richard.  He said, “Come on Richard, let’s go.”  Where are we going?  Shopping!  He took him to the store and bought him skis, boots, poles, ski pants, goggles, gloves, a helmet, a jacket and anything else that was needed for skiing.  Once ski season started he took Richard up skiing every weekend.  The first weekend Pat came back and told me that Richard was a natural.  He had skied from the top of the mountain.  I couldn’t have been more proud.  As we all know skiing is Richard’s love.  I’m forever grateful to my brother for giving Richard skiing.  He had given me skiing back when I was 12 too.  He took me on a ski trip and taught me how to ski.  He’s a good brother.  Richard wrote a paper about it in school.  He wrote about how grateful he was to Pat to give so much to him.  He also wrote about how he hopes to be able to give back in the same way.  Richard gives every year as he volunteers at camp.

As Kathryn neared the end of her life; she asked me, “Mom what can we give Richard this time?”  We gave him skiing the first time.  I told her that the skiing is all that Richard needed and if I could find something to give him I would.  When she did pass away we did give something to Richard from Kathryn.  He always wanted a Volkswagon.  He had an old Audi at the time and Kathryn had an Audi wagon.  We sold both and the money plus a little more went to buy Richard his dream car.  He loves that little car.  I think Kathryn would be so happy to know that we did this as a gift to her brother from her.  You may remember that car was totaled around Chritsmas on his way home.  He bought another one just like it only newer.

This week Scott turned 60.  We went out for dinner and had a nice evening, just the two of us.  Tonight (Saturday 13th) we are going to a Chinese Restaurant with 14 other people.  We use to do this for his birthday years ago.  Our neighbor owns the restaurant and I know she will make the evening perfect.  She loves it when we come in.

I had a dream about Kathryn Thursday night.  It was so real.  You remember I have prayed and prayed for her to come back.  I have also thought over and over about how we would handle her return.  Well, besides being totally thrilled there would be all of the logistics.  Drivers license, Social Security Number, completing school and transcripts.  In my dream Kathryn was with me and we were checking these things out.  Her driver’s license was still valid.  Her credit card still active.  She made a comment about the card still working just like she was never gone.  I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal.  We would just go on like she was never gone.  Wouldn’t that be great!  I loved this dream.  We were having such a good time.  She was home where she belonged.  She was with me and we being us.  Us…. yep we were us.  We belonged together.  She was the best daughter ever.

Kathryn’s t-shirt store.  It didn’t go off as well as I had hoped.  A few mistakes.  The first was that it didn’t open on the day that it should have.  Then the photos of the shirts are so hard to see.  I have posted better pictures on Facebook and sent out emails with them.  I will talk to the owner on Monday and see if we can use my photos instead of what they have online.  The writing that explains what the t-shirts are from and for what was put on the Panda Heart t-shirt and should be on the others not that one.  And then I had discussed a price that was far less than they are listed for.  We need to have a long conversation.  Oh, and the store name was listed as Camp Goodtimes West rather than Kathryn Panda Bradley.  If  they change the price and you already bought one I will make sure you get a price adjustment.  Well, the store is open at

register – get your confirmation email – go back to the store – under organizations find either Camp Goodtimes West or Kathryn Panda Bradley.  I don’t know when it will change to Kathryn Panda Bradley.

I need to get going.  I have things to do around the house and then off to the Daffodil Parade in Puyallup to take photos of our marching band.  They wanted me to be the cougar mascot but I don’t think I could do that amount of walking right now with my messed up leg.  It is better but not yet normal.

Take care,

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