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Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Cancer! Easter is here! 3-30-13

More Cancer! Easter is here! 3-30-13

Early this week I received a phone call from Richard.  That’s not unusually as he is so good about keeping in touch but it was a difficult call for him.  I could hear the quiver in his voice.  He told me about a young man (about his age) who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  He had a huge part of his colon or bowel removed and now has a bag.  He was calling to find out about fundraisers and taxes.  This young man has just started a new job and is still in the waiting period for insurance.  Cancer is big business and will cost this young man plenty.  His friends are going to rally around him and do what they can.

Scott and I attended the last meeting on Tuesday for the big Wine Auction for Camp Goodtimes.  It’s on the 6th of April and totally sold out!  That’s exciting news.  Several of our friends have donated or bought ticket and donated items.  We are so blessed to have so many people as friends and family willing to support something so dear to us.  Next week we will be doing our final part.  I will deliver some last auction items including a Panda Basket from the Durham’s.  The Durham’s have a bunch of auction items and I’m so excited that they are involved and we will be spending the evening with them. I will also pick up the flowers for all of the centerpieces on Thursday in Mount Vernon.  Friday we will be going to Seattle to help with some of the set up and Saturday afternoon help with the final set up.

So the Wine Auction is a fancy Black Tie deal.  I realized just the other day that last year I was probably the only woman there not in a black cocktail dress.  I went at the last minute as a guest due to Kathryn’s passing.  So, at school I looked up some dresses online.  I don’t have Kathryn to help me pick things out so I had one of my students help me.  I think she was glad to have her opinion valued by me.  I think she made a good choice too.  I just hope it gets here on time and fits.  I have shoes that Kathryn had picked out for me that will go perfect with the dress.  I think Scott is going to get a tux too.

I saw my Doc this week for the regular check up and my leg.  He’s a great doctor and I told him how much I appreciate him taking such good care of me.  I had some issues after Kathryn’s passing and he helped me out without question or even going in to see him.  He always greets his patients with a big hug.  He really takes time to know you as a person.  He tells me he loves me.  He is the perfect example of a good doctor. During my visit I was asked several times about paps in the past.  The reason I bring this us is that Doctors are being encouraged not to do paps every year.  The insurance companies don’t want to pay for them.  As my doc said, “They don’t want to pay for anything.”  Well, I have had several bad ones in the past so I’m clear to have one every year.  Mammograms are being discouraged too.  Good preventative care or early detection care is being discouraged.  And, it will only get worse.  I have already seen things changing for the not so good in my case.   

This cancer stuff… I just don’t get it.  I have read several things that have pointed out that there is a cure but it has been hidden from us and our own FDA is the culprit.  Doctors or Researchers who have come up with true cures have been taking into bankruptcy with the red tap and such.  I really believe this is all true as they try to stop Dr. Burzynski from saving lives too.  I have talked about him before.  They have stopped him from taking new pediatric patients into his antineoplastics treatment.  This is the treatment that is keeping Rowan alive and has shrunk her tumor over 50% and has stopped its growth and may have stopped the cancer.  This is the treatment that significantly slowed Kathryn’s tumor growth and allowed her to be at her Christmas-send off party.  But nobody is getting rich from his treatment.  It is less than one tenth of the cost of traditional treatment.  I have read this over and over from several different resources and it makes my blood boil.  To think that I may have lost my daughter because of greed angers me.

On Friday I attended a Funeral.  This was my friend Robyn’s brother who died from cancer.  My students had asked me something and the funeral was part of the answer.  As kids are they asked more questions and I shared that he died from throat cancer.  One girl said that she didn’t know you could get throat cancer.  I said smoking or chewing tobacco can easily cause this type of cancer so don’t do either one.  My other friend lost her husband a long time ago to this same cancer from chew.  I shared this with them too.  Some times the non subject matter items are just as important as the subject matter items.

My friend’s family came together to honor her brother.  The service was at Tahoma National Cemetery as he was in the navy.  We all went out for dinner later than scattered part of his ashes in the sound off of Day Island.  It was nice to meet some of her family that I had not met before and see some that I had not seen for a very long time.  Her half brother use to come to my house for math tutoring and now his is a 31-year-old man.  Her nephew (son of Mike who passed) had made the arrangements.  He and his wife had lost a daughter like me.  I noticed immediately the In Memory Sicker on the back window of their car.  I asked Nicole (the mom) about it and she told me all about her daughter’s short 2-week life.  She has a tattoo of her little handprints on her left chest and her husband has her little footprints on his arm.  I say little because they are so tiny.  She was 3 months premature but was breathing on her own.  It was her bowels that took her life.  They ripped.  It was sort of shocking because it is usually the lungs that are the issue but she was doing fine with breathing on her own.  So, Nicole didn’t realize who I was until later.  When she realized I was Kathryn’s Mom she was so excited to know me.  She had read Kathryn’s tri-fold at Robyn’s house.  She was amazed by Kathryn and how she did so much and wanted to do so much for the cause even knowing she was very sick.  She admired Kathryn’s spirit and her love.

So, now I have also found out that my sister-in-law has a sister with breast cancer.  I read in the paper this morning about a lady who just wants to make it to May 10th to see her daughter graduate from college.  She has ovarian stage-3 cancer.  When is it going to stop? 

We should take all of this as reason to live.  To live, live and live.  To enjoy our friends and family.  To have fun.  To spend time enjoying life as it can be taken from anyone at any time.  No arguments, no fighting, no intolerance for others.  As for me I will finish up a few things around my house this morning and then go up to my Moms.  I’ll be helping her with setting up and food preparation for Easter.  We’ll have great conversation and just enjoy each other while we work.  I love her so much.  Then on Sunday (Easter) all of my brothers and their families will be at Mom’s house.  Always happy to see everyone.  Richard and Bee will be there early so we will put them to work.

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Enjoy the beautiful weather we are having and enjoy the life you have. 

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