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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coming Back! 3-17-13

Coming Back! 3-17-13

After the Relay for Life Captains summit last Saturday I got an Idea.  Well, this lady shared with us that she sells these little bracelets for $5 and makes $33,000 a year for relay.  I thought we can do that!  We can sell something to make money for Camp Goodtimes in Kathryn’s honor.  Kathryn is here with me as I am writing this.  I smell her right now.  I thought what better way to honor Kathryn then to bring back the t-shirts that she designed for her senior project.  Each design is unique and has a cancer related theme.  I shared this idea with Scott and he thought it was a great idea. 

On Tuesday 3/12 we met with Randy, the owner of the store where Kathryn had her T-shirts printed.  He had pulled all of her designs included her Team t-shirts.  I was excited to know that he still had them and I didn’t have to find them on her computer and all.  Randy is excited to help out and will build an online store for us and reshape it as we see fit.  He adored Kathryn and worked with her for 4 years.  He is super supportive of our mission.  He suggested that we get this on TV so we can really promote our store and maybe in the paper.  Getting the word out is essential to make substantial donations for Camp.  I know Kathryn approves because I had a vision of her sitting in Randy’s office with her Big Beautiful Smile saying “That will be wonderful.”  I could see her so clearly is was almost like she was really there in person.  I think we are going to ask the same TV station that already promotes Camp Goodtimes.  I know we will also contact the local Tacoma channel and The Tacoma Weekly.  Kathryn has been in the The Tribune for her work with Relay twice and once in the Tacoma Weekly so I think we can get them both on board.  She has also interviewed for Relay on the local Tacoma TV station.  I think we can really get this moving.  Scott and I are both very excited.  I will let you know once we have the store up and running.  I should be up shortly.  On the bottom of each of Kathryn’s shirts there will be a little note about how it is her design and that the money will be supporting Camp Goodtimes.  I have made a design too.  It will be an option but maybe not so quickly.  It needs to be cleaned up.  I also want to make my design into a sticker. 

Why are we planning all of this?  Well, We want to keep Kathryn’s memory alive and she loved camp.  Also, Camp will be on it’s own starting in August.  The American Cancer Society will be dropping all of its connections with all of the camps that it has been sponsoring.  They are working with camp to make the transition go as smooth as possible.  They have decided to focus more on research.  This is not a bad thing for camp but it will take a lot more volunteers and people who can also find ways to support camp financially.  As I understand it camp did most of its fundraiser for itself already but we also had paid ACS workers helping us and the ACS held Camp under its insurance umbrella and we used their offices for meetings and printing etc.  I believe, as well as many others do, that this will go smoothly and actually be beneficial for camp in the long run.  We have so many dedicated volunteers and so many people who as passionate about camp that it can only get better.  We have camp supporters that donate every year and after talking with a few of these CEO’s I don’t see their support ending any time soon or ever.  Once people get involved in camp and understand what camp is all about they love it and support it.

On Wednesday I saw George.  He is the chiropractor-message guy that I have been seeing for my leg.  I could hardly walk the week before.  I had to hold on to things and I even thought about getting a cane.  He explained how the body searches out injuries when a prolonged injury stops hurting.  The body tries to figure out where the pain went and finds something to show up.  I know I’m not saying it right but it explained the flair ups.  Then he also said that when something upsets you your injury tends to get worse.  Stress – no wonder I could hardly walk the week before last and even considered getting a cane.  I was totally stressed about the Team Captain Summit.  I thought I had missed it.  I was calmed by getting am email about it on Tuesday 3-5.  But then I think I think too much about what I am going to say and it gets to me.  I always stress about making sure I honor Kathryn in the best possible way.  So after I spoke on Saturday I was just fine.  My leg has felt pretty darn good every since.  It was a bit sore late on Monday after being on my feet all day but wow what a difference.  It is almost normal.  I told George about this and he shared some thoughts.  He said not to worry about what you are going to say.  It will be the right thing because it is coming from your heart. The people obviously want to hear what you have to say because they asked you to be there.  So you can look out to the people to whom you are speaking to with confidence and not stress about it.  She also said to just make a paper with key points bullets and just talk about each bullet and if you get lost you can just refer to the bullets to get back on track.  George is a good man.  I’m really glad that he is helping not just my physical being but also my mental and spiritual being.

I named this blog coming back not only for Kathryn’s t-shirts coming back but also for me coming back.  I’m finally feeling that I’m coming back as a person.  I have had to be so serious and take care of things for so many years now that it is nice to feel like I can truly laugh – make fun – and be silly.  I feel that in the last month or so I have made better connections with some of my students.  The one who told me that she doesn’t know how to love is really open to me, which makes me feel good.  I am joking with students more and having a bit more fun in class.  I even volunteered to bob for things in a bucket of water at the Pep Assembly on Friday.  So I dressed in flippers, board shorts, a tank top, and snorkel gear.  Another teacher dared me to run out to the middle of the gym in my get up and run back during the assembly.  I did it and he paid up the dollar he promised.  It felt good to be silly!  It’s the true me.  Thinking way back when I was young and how my friends would introduce me to people and say, “Can you believe she is a teacher?”  That was because I knew how to have a good time and get silly.  Well, I’m coming back and it feels good.

When I drove into the carport on Friday there 2 boxes of pansies Scott had bought for me.  They were so bright and happy it made me smile.  I’m a lucky lady to have him taking such good care of me. 

Saturday I went to lunch with Richard’s girlfriend Bee.  I love this girl.  We had a nice time chatting.  I hope my son doesn’t wait too long….  Well, I would like to be a grandma before I die.  I should be retired in time to help them with child care and I will be happy to help.  Bee and I talked about cancer and how both She and Richard have had sisters die from brain cancer and her Dad too.  Richard is a bit fearful of having his own children for this reason.  I can understand his fear but I don’t think this type of cancer is hereditary.  There must be some cause but I don’t think enough questions have been asked or the right questions.  I think once a person looses a child people don’t want to pry.  I would welcome someone one asking questions to see if they could find a link.  There must be something.  Was it the fertility drugs I used with Kathryn?  Was it the fertilizers or bug killers?  Was it the something in our water or soil? What caused my daughter to develop a brain tumor when she was eight?  Was it a fall that she took?  I would answer any questions that might help.  I also told Bee that I wish someone would have asked us if they could take the last tumor out after Kathryn passed.  I would have said yes.  They know this last type of tumor changes to ward off chemo so why didn’t they ask for it so they could compare it to the one they took out in 2010.  To me, it seems the most reasonable thing to do.  If you want to know how it changed you need to compare the two.  Why didn’t any one ask?  I guess they are all trying to be polite but being polite doesn’t always give answers.  Some times some one needs to step forward and ask the hard to ask questions.  If we want answers we can’t worry about being polite or politically correct.  We need to seek and search and pry.

Well, I hope to see more of the fun me in the future.  I will inform every one about the t-shirt store through the blog and facebook.  I would say I would email but I only have a few addresses since mine all disappeared one day.  I’ll keep everyone posted in every way that I can.

Have a great day – Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

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  1. I'm so glad that your joy in life is re-surfacing. That seems to be part of your Kathryn's legacy - the joy of living (or, as the French say, "joie de vivre"). Even in your sorrow, I have seen your deep-hearted joy (and Scott's and Richard's). It is a part of you, and it shines from deep within each one of you. Sometimes, even when you don't feel it, it is good to know that others can see it. God bless you!