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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It’s Almost Christmas 12-23-12

It’s Almost Christmas 12-23-12

Today is December 23rd the day we found out that Kathryn’s sodium level was dangerously low.  We went to the clinic and they didn’t’ do much but send us home and told Kathryn to eat some salty foods.  Well, it didn’t work and we went to the ER after getting back her lab results the next morning.  Richard or I would draw her blood early in the morning so Scott could get it to the lab by 7am.  A team we were. 

So this last week was interesting.  On Monday, I gave tests or quizzes to all of my math classes.  That evening I had many things to do and getting all of those papers corrected just didn’t seem possible.  We were having some o f Kathryn’s friends over the next day around 4 and I had a PT appointment at 2 for about an hour.  This was not leaving me with much time to have the house clean and ready for guests.  Yes, I stress about these things even though I shouldn’t.  As I headed to bed Monday night I was not happy that I couldn’t get all of those papers graded.  I pride myself in returning tests or quizzes the next day.  I have only not made it once in almost 30 years.  I was not happy that the tree wasn’t decorated all of the way.  And there were still things to clean.  Kathryn was watching and listening to me.

Tuesday came and it would have been a half day as it was the last day before break.  Well it had snowed ever so lightly.  It was pretty and didn’t seem to be enough to cancel school.  The snow was gone before noon.  Our drive way was drivable and it is the worst when there is snow.  The phone rang around 5:45 as I was drying my hair.  I knew immediately that it was the call I didn’t want but also did want.  School was canceled.  It said, “Due to the weather conditions and the fact that today is a half day, all Fife Schools are closed.”  Oh my goodness.  Deep in my heart I was hoping to have the day to catch up but I never thought this little tiny bit of snow would close schools.  None of the other school districts were closed around us.  Was this my little angel helping me out?  Was she whispering in the ears of the ones who make this kind of desission? I believe she had a hand in this.  I was relieved to have the entire day to get things done.  I was relieved to not have to tell two of my classes that I didn’t get their tests graded.  The stress was gone and my day was going to be fine.  No worries and no stress.  Thank you to my little girl still looking out for me.

On Tuesday night a few of Kathryn’s friends came over to decorate her room.  Scott had put her tree in her room already.  He also prepared strips of paper to make a new paper chain.  I had cut a few new snowflakes.   The house was clean and set to go.  Once we started her room was filled with boxes of Christmas decorations.  I realized we were missing a bunch of things. Then Scott remembered he had put some boxes way up high in the attic.  There we found all of the things we were looking for.  Her room looks great!  It is so Christmas!  The tree even has tinsel.  There are snowflakes everywhere!  Hanging from the ceiling, stuck to the wall and windows.  There are lights in the window too.  And all those stuffed animals sporting Christmas wears.  The best part of the evening was sharing conversation with her friends.  Matt said, “I remember laying her on her bed and Kathryn had me guess what each cloud was on her ceiling.  I asked her why one pot light had a sun around it and the other one didn’t and she said, you can’t have two suns silly.”  That would be Kathryn.  We all laughed.  To explain a little, I had painted Kathryn’s ceiling as a blue sky with clouds.  Each cloud is something.  Not a perfect something but you could or should be able to guess what it was intended to be.  She loved it when I showed her.  We laid on her bed and she guessed what each cloud was.  She had them all perfect immediately as she and I were pros at finding things in the clouds.  We had pizza and more conversation.  We left the tall stuff for Matt.  He stuck all the snowflakes on the ceiling.  I just wish I was laying on the bed with Kathryn talking to her about Christmas and Zoo lights or the Nutcracker.  Who would be coming to Christmas and who would be with us for Christmas Eve.  It was a beautiful evening even though Kathryn wasn’t there in person.  She was definitely there in spirit.

The next few days I baked, shopped, wrapped gifts and stuffed gift bags.  On Saturday Scott and I played Elves.  We had adopted a family through Candlelighters.  They have a child with cancer.  When I finally received the address, where my family lives I was taken back.  I looked it up online and did the street view.  I knew exactly where this was and I knew they probably didn’t have much.  I was glad I had bought almost everything on their list yet I felt like I should have done even more.  When Scott and I delivered the gifts I think the young dad was taken back.  He seemed to be in shock as we handed him a huge bag and a box filled with gifts.  I hope they have a good Christmas.  As least the kids will have some new toys and clothes.  Oh, I didn’t leave the Mom and Dad out either.  Then in the evening we put together a bunch of gift bags for our neighbors.  We had cookies, chex mix, banana bread, and jam for each family.  It took a while to deliver as we chatted with each neighbor.  It was fun!

Today I made more jam and banana bread for our family gift bags.  I also spent some time on facebook and found a classmate had passed away.  I also found that a young boy had passed away last night.  Liam had just turned two on the 13th.  I had opened the Love Transfusion page to find several children fighting for their lives.  I don’t understand this suffering that has been put on these children and their families but it is there.  Just like the families of the shooting victims.  Why this all happens is beyond my comprehension.  I just have to believe that God is now taking care of our loved ones and they are all healthy and happy.  We are the ones left to suffer and they are now free of pain and suffering. 

I didn’t want to end on a sad note so smile and take in this happy holiday season.  Savor every moment and memory.  I know I will be spending my time with friends and family.  I will soak up the love and enjoy each and every moment.  I will live, laugh and love to the very fullest with my family and friends because this is what living is all about.  Enjoy what God has given us.  I’m so thankful that my memories of Kathryn are all wonderful memories.  She was the light of my life.  We all loved her dearly.  I’m thankful that I had 21 beautiful years with her.  She was the perfect daughter in every way.  I will always miss her.

Love to all of you!  Merry Christmas and Cheers to a beautiful, happy, healthy and love filled 2013.

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