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Monday, September 17, 2012

Kids with Cancer/ Boomer-Rang Kids 9-17-12

Kids with Cancer/ Boomer-Rang Kids 9-17-12

So this is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  My friend posted some facts such as every day 2 out of every 10,000 kids will be diagnosed with cancer.  That means every one of those little kids will grow up faster than you and blink an eye.  Over night they will become little adults.  They will become strong and brave.  They will have no choice. 

She shared a website about Ben Towne’s foundation.  Ben was a darling three year old that died from a nueroblastoma.  Yep, that is a brain tumor that is pretty much the end.  What a darling boy and brave family to start something that will benefit others in the future.  The foundation has raised money to start a clinic to do out of the box treatment.  Not the chemo that causes more harm than good.  The work sounds like it is on the right path but not all put together yet.  I only wish Kathryn had had more time on the treatment she was receiving in Houston.  It was slowing the tumor and it could have saved her life.  But that was not meant to be.

I share this childhood cancer awareness month so you can maybe choose to help in some way.  We have chosen to support Camp Gootimes and Make a Wish to give kids with cancer a great time weather it is summer after summer at camp or one big wish through Make a Wish.  We have also chosen the pediatric brain tumor foundation to support for research reasons.  I have seen too many children have cancer not once but twice or three times or more.  The second, third or fourth cancers are usually caused by the treatment they received from the first.  That’s crazy!  So do something to get involved.  You never know it could be your child, your niece, nephew, or your grandchild who is that 2 out of 10,000.  That sounds like a small number but it isn’t.  That is pretty much 2 kids in Tacoma school district will be diagnosed with cancer (Daily).  Think of it this way and that is a lot of kids.

As my friend wrote about her experience I think it is similar to most.  Being misdiagnosed.  That happens a lot too.  Pediatricians don’t see a lot of cancer in their career.  I also think they don’t want to believe that this beautiful child they have known since birth could have cancer.  I know our doc missed it at the start.  I had to come back and demand more tests.  I must admit he was on the right track as he looked at me and I gave him the evil eye and he said the only other thing would be to schedule a CAT scan.  And we did.  But I had to come back two days later and have it moved up.  And there it was.  It is the worst thing in the world to hear that your darling child has cancer.  No it’s not.  The worst thing to hear is that your darling child has 3 to 6 months to live.  And there is nothing more we can do.  That’s the worst thing in the entire world to have to hear and take in and live with.  So get involved.  Too many children die from cancer.

I thought Saturday was going to be a great day but I ended up crying most of the day until I finally kicked myself and told myself to get up and get going.  I finally did around 3 or 4pm.  Too late in the day but I did get some things done.  I guess that is depression.  I have still too much stuff going on in my life.  I just want some kind of normal. 

So I went to the fair with my friend from work to help another friend in the Ed building.  It was fun.  As I got my hands done by the lady selling mink oil she told me her age.  I commented on how she had less wrinkles than I did and she was older.  Than I said, “Well if you have lived my life you would have more wrinkles too.”  She said, something and I liked at my friend and I said, “If you only knew.”  Than she said oh my life, and she started to complain about boomer rang kids. I said, I only wish I had boomer-rang kids.   I didn’t go on but I would give anything to have my daughter want to move back home, if she were only here to do so.  If this lady only knew how lucky she was.  She would never complain about her boomer-rang kids ever again.

I went home Sunday night after the fair and watched the Long Island Medium.  I would love to have a visit with her.  Anyhow she had a client who slept with a piece of clothing belonging to the person who had passed.  I can’t remember what she said exactly but the person who had passed acknowledged that the person slept with this piece of clothing and that his spirit was there when she slept with it.  I had originally slept with Kathryn’s pink baby blanket but it made me too warm so I just kept it close at the head of the bed.  I found Scott sleeping with it several times too.  It was so special to Kathryn.  She took it everywhere.  It went to treatments, MRI’s, Surgeries, Hospital stays, College, Sleep over’s, camping and she finally died with it over her to keep her warm and safe.  It is from her birth.  I wish right now I could remember who gave it to me as a gift way back when.  So I cuddled up with it last night hoping to create that connection to Kathryn.  I slept so well and when I got up I realized I hadn’t even taken my sleeping pill.  I’m going to continue to sleep with that little pink blanket as it brings comfort to me as it did to Kathryn. 

Right now as I write I just don’t’ know how I or any other parent who has lost a child goes on.  I guess it is the people around me that make it happen.  I know I couldn’t do this on my own.  I thank you all for your love and support.

I went training with my friend from work today.  She reminded me of something I wrote about Kathryn never wanting to kill spiders but to save the little guys, just like my Dad.  It made me laugh because I thought about Richard trying to get that spider outside not too long ago.  It moved towards him and he jumped and let out a little scream.  It really made me laugh. 
I may go hiking with Richard and his girlfriend Bee this weekend.  I really look forward to spending time with him.  My friend who I did my training with tonight said I know what is important in life.  Yes, I have learned this lesson.  Bee’s mom has a gentleman friend who spent all of his life making money but he lost out on having a family.  Money comes and money goes.  Time with loved ones is more precious than anything.  It’s the simple things in life that make us truly happy.  I don’t need a lot of money to find those simple pleasures.  I don’t need a lot of money to hang out with my son and his girlfriend and play a game of cards.  Time is all we need.  Time is the most valuable thing we have.  Cherish every moment with your family.  And if you have older kids that want to come home, Welcome them with open arms.  I think it is great when an adult child feels loved enough to come home when needed.

Take care and Good Night

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