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Monday, August 20, 2012

Trip to Bellingham 8-20-12

Trip to Bellingham 8-20-12

I spent the weekend in Bellingham with Richard and Bee.  I couldn’t write my blog there because I was busy and also because I don’t wan to cry around Richard and I always do cry when I write my blog.

So the other day I was listening to the radio and there was this ad about Callie’s Coffee.  Kind of an ad.  Callie is a young girl who had a friend by the name of Ben who had cancer.  They were very best friends and would play together all of the time.  I think Ben and Callie were about 2 when Ben was diagnosed with cancer.  Ben had a neuroblastoma a type of brain tumor and died at age 3 ½.  Callie wanted to help her friend so she sold lemonade.  The lemonade stand didn’t raise money like Callie would have liked it to so she asked her Dad about selling something grownups would like because they have all the money.  That is why she started her little coffee company at age 7.  It can even be delivered to your home.  She is now looking into adding Hot chocolate to her business in order to make even more money.  Callie and her Dad heard about Kathi Goertzen.  Callie said something like, with people like Kathi and myself raising money to help find a cure there will some day be a cure.  She is a child and thinking of others.  My Kathryn also thought that way.  That is why she did the Relay for Life and the Ride for Kids and many other things to raise awareness and funds for the cure for cancer.  But I hate to say this…  but there are people who do not want to find a cure because they make a ton of money off of sick people.  Chemo therapy is big money.  I mean really big money.  One person can cost 20,000 to 100,000 plus a month to treat.  The big drug companies try to stop people like Dr. Burzynski who have a cure.  And one that isn’t so expensive.  It is sad but it is true.

Friday I headed up to Bellingham.  My 2 our drive took me 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Wow, the traffic was bad.  My knee actually hurt because I had to push the clutch in so many times.  I was up there for Richard’s best friend’s graduation.  We treat Mitch just like one of the family.  Mitch’s parents were there from Texas and the 6 of us all went out for dinner (Richard, Bee, Mitch, Mitch’s Mom, Mitch’s Dad, and myself).  The next day we all went to the graduation ceremony.  Joining us were Mitch’s grandparents from Gig Harbor.  After the ceremony we had a nice picnic and three more of Mitch’s friends from Bellingham joined us.  It was all very nice.

The next day I took Richard and Bee shopping.  That’s what parents do for their college students.  One hundred dollars later my two kids have everything they need and they are happy.  I really enjoyed spending my time with Richard and Bee.

The drive home only took 2 ½ hours.  Thank goodness.  My Mom then met me at my house and we drove to my cousin’s house in Renton.  Got lost a little but found it.  My cousin Lori and her two boys were here from Texas.  Lori is the one whose husband Rafer passed away in May from cancer.  When we were in Texas trying a new treatment for Kathryn they were also looking for something that would work for Rafer.  Unfortunately neither one of us had the results we wanted.  Of course I was asked how I was doing and how Richard and Scott were doing.  I said Richard stays busy so he doesn’t have time to think about his loss and I believe that is what Scott is doing now too.  I have to think about Kathryn. I can’t let my thoughts go without thinking about her.  I haven’t slept well in about four or five nights because I’m out of my magic sleeping pills and my mind just thinks about Kathryn and songs come into my mind and play over and over.  I asked Lori about her boys and she said she keeps them busy and it helps.  They are about 8 and 6.  It will be hard for Lori to raise them without their Dad but she is a good Mom and a strong woman.  I will never forger how she spoke at her Dad’s funeral.  She was still in high school and she spoke so well.  She didn’t choke on her words or cry.  Her message wash clear and sweet.  I remembered that so well.  She gave me strength to speak at my Dad’s funeral.  I remember thinking that Lori did it – I could do it too.  I had to do it.  My Dad deserved to have a tribute that was from the heart.  One that spoke of what a wonderful Father, husband, friend, and person her was.  She set the bar high for me and gave me strength.  I didn’t make it to Rafer’s funeral.  I just couldn’t take another one so close to Kathryn’s.  But I’m sure it was beautiful.  Lori’s boys look just like each of them.  The oldest, Carson, looks just like his Dad and the younger one, William, looks just like Lori.  Cute and well mannered boys.  Lori’s job has changed to one that allows her to work more from home and do less traveling.  She will have to go to conferences a couple of times a year but she will work that out when they come up.  You know we both looked at each other feeling so sorry for one another.  We both understand the loss and pain of the other.  But we couldn’t really talk about it.  We will later.

My Mom spent the night as it was late when we came home form Renton.  I like having her here.  Scott was so good to make her bed and have the house all clean for us.  I’m lucky to have him. 

I will be heading out to meet with the new yearbook rep in just a little bit.  We have a new program but I think it will actually make my life easier.  I’m looking forward to a good year.

Have a great day!

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