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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Raising Money 8-4-12

Raising Money 8-4-12

Today 8-4-12 was the first day of our garage sale.  I found out by the people coming to the garage sale that my neighbors are going to donate some of their earnings to Rowan.  I guess they posted as sign at the beginning of the neighborhood. I have told many people that I live in a wonderful neighborhood with wonderful people.  I have good neighbors that are good people.  I posted a couple of signs at my house about Rowan.  I didn’t have any high priced items to sell but we still made $280 for Rowan.  We’ll thrown in $20 more to make it an even $300.  Tomorrow probably won’t be as good but I am going through the house to find more items. 

During garage sales you always meet people.  I met this one man who had lost his 19 year old son in a car accident.  His son was a passenger.  He said that something good did come of it.  They had donated his son’s organs and he received a letter about a year later form the family of the girl who received his son’s eyes.  He was so glad that something good could come of his loss.  We had already discussed Kathryn and Rowan.  I told him that for this reason of making good of a bad situation was exactly why we were doing this for Rowan.

I also met another lady who said she had seen Rowan on Facebook.  I said she must know someone that I know.  She said it is a small world and we are all connected.  Isn’t it so true?  We are all connected in some way it seems.  Facebook has made it possible for me to spread the word about Rowan. 

We had several people who read my message about Rowan and donated to her cause.  Some people just had us keep the change and others didn’t buy anything and just made a donation.  It’s been great!

Matt’s Mom and Dad came buy too.  I returned some things of Matt’s to them.  He must of left them in Bellingham.  I had found them in a bag that Mitch had brought down full of things from Kathryn’s room.  He and Lauren were so helpful.  They cleared out Kathryn’s room and brought it all home.  We just had to pick up the big stuff.

Richard and Bee came down to and spent the night.  They are returning the truck and picking up their cars.  My Mom had come down to help with the garage sale and she spent the night too.  We had a good evening making and burning popcorn on the stove.

Today is (Sunday) and the second day of the garage sale.  I found a few more things to sell.  I hope we sell a bunch of stuff.  Wish us luck!

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