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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Ready for the first day of school 8-30-12

All Ready for the first day of school 8-30-12

Today was our staff training day.  We did some good things today.  We actually discussed and really thought about and worked on how the new teacher evaluation might be.  They are changing next year.  But again as I talked about being more relaxed well that is just it.  I’m not worried about the new evaluations.  I do my job, work hard to do the best that I can and sincerely care about my students and with that I can relax.

We also had students come in as we have before.  We asked them questions one on one and shared our answers too.  It was great!  The kids really like talking to us and getting to know us.  They wanted more.  Most people always say sorry or your brave when I tell them I work as a teacher in a junior high.  They have it all wrong.  Kids are great!  They have energy and spirit.  They keep us young and alive.  They teach us things too.  This is one reason it will be good for me to go back to school.  That reason is the kids.  Well my staff is amazing too and I enjoy sharing time with them too.

I also found my calendar that Kathryn made. It was put away in the closet to be safe.  I was so happy to have found it. 

Tonight I was going through facebook and came across my friends post.  She shared a blog that was actually a video from the author of “One Thousand Gifts.”  It was so perfect.  It’s about cherishing your moments in life.  Your life and the life of those your love are gifts.  The time we have here is a gift.  Those moments as simple as they may seem are gifts.  A walk in the park and camping trip special and should not be rushed.  Don’t rush your life.  Savor every moment and even the simple ones for some of the simple ones are the ones that we miss the most when they are gone.  I had so many simple but special moments with Kathryn.  I did treasure them but then again sometimes life was busy.  I tired to always be there and not do something if it meant not spending time that I could have with my children.  Especially in the last two years.  I would not go skiing if Kathryn or Richard would be home.  I would no give up a moment with them for anything.  I still do that with Richard. I always do what I can to create more time with him.  He has life all figured out in this way.  He knows that time with friends and family is the most important thing in the world.  He knows that there is no rush to get this career going.  He knows that once you start being that adult and having that career you lose some of those special times because your time becomes more limited.  Limited in the way that you have to spend more time at work and less time with friends and family.  He has taken a lot of time off and had to drop several classes to be with his sister.  He knew time with her was well worth it.  It didn’t matter if he spent an extra year or maybe an extra two years in school.  His time was going to be spent with the one he loved.  The one he knew needed him.  The one he would do anything for.  He gave a big part of his life to Kathryn because she was a big part of his life.  He also took time when Kathryn was well to enjoy his skiing while he was young and his body was able.  He took a few winter quarters off to ski.  Scott and I both agreed that there was no rush and that he should enjoy the thing that he loves to do as much as he can while he is young.
So I guess I’m saying “Take time to smell the Roses.”  Slow your life down.  There is no need to rush and miss those simple but precious moments.  Savor the time that you share with others. 

I thought this morning of how lucky I am.  I have so much support.  There are so many people who love me and my family.  I’m also so lucky to have had Kathryn at all.  I could have been told that I could never have children.  That could have easily been the case for me.  That is my female history.  But I was given the gift of motherhood.  Twice!  Even though I would have loved to see Kathryn graduate from college, start her career, get married, have beautiful babies and grow in life I am lucky to have had a daughter that was so very special.  I’m so lucky to have had a daughter who learned to love so unconditionally, to want to share her love and happiness. 

I was also thinking about her today and about her favorite things.  Someone had asked what her favorite flower was.  I said she didn’t have one.  She had such a great appreciation for all things, the beauty of this Earth, the wonderful animals and great people God created there is no way she could pick a favorite flower.  She did have a favorite color.  When she was young it was purple, then in late elementary or middle school she had green as her favorite color and then it was blue.  Her blue was the same shade of blue that was and has been for a long time my favorite color.  We had a lot in common.  It also liked purple when I was young. I also had green as one of my favorite colors too.  But settled on Blue.  The color of blue of her dinosaur costume.  That blue green color but if you find in the crayon box I think it is called green/blue.

I also received an email from the lady from the American Cancer Society who was in charge of the wine auction for Camp Goodtimes.  There were some good photos of Kathryn and I have included a couple here.  I also included one with me infront of the Arts and Crafts shed at Camp Goodtimes so you can see the sign with Kathryn’s name on it.  If you donated to Camp Goodtimes in through us and Kathryn you are the reason the arts and crafts shed was dedicated to Kathryn.  We will continue the donations to keep this going.  Thank you to all of you.

Good night

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