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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nerves 7-19 to 7-21-12

Nerves 7-19 to 7-21-12

Yesterday, even though it was a Thursday, was a beautiful day.  I spent the morning with my Mom.  She and I took a walk and had a nice morning.  Richard came down from Bellingham after dropping off a friend at the airport.  I went to the eye doctor, first time in 10 years.  My sight is not so bad but do need to up my reading glasses to 1.5.  I spent the afternoon with Richard.  It was nice to have lunch with him and just sit our front and chat.  Then Bee came over and Scott and I had dinner with Richard and Bee.  We had an Artichoke from our garden and the salad with lettuce, broccoli and peas from our garden.  Then in the evening we sat out front and watched the lighting.  Just a great day from beginning to end.

Today (Friday) I went for a walk with my friend Carol in the storm.  She and I were talking about some of the military policies as both of her sons are serving.  The one son had given orders to the group he was in charge of and told them he would be leaving and why.  They were all set and he was heading out the door.  Just then the officer above him said he was doing a surprise inspection now.  He told him of his situation and asked if they could do the inspection another time and the answer was no.  He left anyhow.  Of course he was written up.  This could really cost him.  But why did he disobey you ask?  Well, one of his fellow soldiers was contemplating suicide and he was on his way to talk to him and try to save him from himself.  You would think that they would be happy to have him go and try to stop this from happening.  I’m proud of him for going and saving a young man from self destruction.  I shared with her about my niece not being able to come hoe for my Dad’s funeral and missing seeing Kathryn.  It just seems so unfair.  I guess it is a choice to serve and these things happen.

After Carol and I walked I came home and spent a little more time with Bee and Richard as they were heading off to camp.  After they left I worked on some addressing at the table.  After a while I got up and felt dizzy.  Then my tummy felt icky.  I laid down and that was the rest of the day.  I was sick!  My head and neck hurt.  My tummy was feeling icky and then I threw up.  Scott mentioned that it was like the last time and I didn’t want that to happen again.  He said it was my nerves.  I told him I had nothing to worry about.  He said it is way deep inside of you and it is your nerves.  Well he is probably right.  I thought about all the things I have been thinking about.  Projects to finish, camp things to do, getting a garage sale ready, setting up flying for Tony and then my bedroom the pit.  I guess it all gets to me.  I was feeling so good that morning and feeling so productive that I can’t believe it just hit me like that.  Bummer

Well I had a good night sleep and it is Saturday.  I will be heading off to camp in just a few minutes.  I will be helping set up with Arts and Crafts.  Oh yes, and Richard and Bee sent me a small list of things they forgot.

Have a great day!

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