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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is this it? 7-18-12

Is this it? 7-18-12

I finally had a dream with Kathryn in it.  This was Monday night.  I finally slept long enough to have a dream.  It was a funny little dream about Kathryn and I trying to fix some button on her coat.  She was wearing the coat and we had to slip this tube like thing onto some tiny shaft. At least it was a dream with Kathryn.  We were close together and working together just like we would do if she were here.

My friend wrote in her blog about helping a man.  He had a sign, you know one of those cardboard signs.  It read something like, going through treatment for colon cancer need help.  She knew he was for real as she looked at him.  Most people who are going through cancer treatment have a look.  They had the dark circles under the eyes and the lack of hair.  If you have been there you recognize the look right away.  She recognized this look in him.  She asked him what she could do to help him right now.  One of her questions was, “Are you hungry?” and he was.  She asked him if she could buy him a sandwich and what type he liked and what he would like on it.  She went to Subway and bought him a foot long Turkey sandwich and a lemonade.  This was her way of paying it forward.  He appreciated it and it also made her feel good too.  Giving is good.

This morning on my walk my friend gave me a little pink bag.  In it was a token with an angel on it.  My cousin had given me one of these when Kathryn was diagnosed at 8 and I still have it.  She included a little poem that starts off with “I said a prayer for you today.”  I told her that yes her payer was answered as God had given me a new friendship with her.  I really enjoy our walks and talks.

Scott did some work for our neighbor today.  This is the neighbor where they have seen the little ghost girl and we just refer to her as Kathryn.  The little girls are still seeing Kathryn.  They said that last night she was opening dresser drawers.  The oldest girl said her make-up case moved across the table.  She is still there. 

My Mom and I went down to the Bremerton National Airport where my brother operates most of what goes on at the airport.  We had lunch and a very nice chat.  I asked Pat about taking Tony (the 20 year old who was told, like Kathryn that he only had months to live) on an airplane ride.  Pat suggested many options, which were all more than just a ride in a plane.  A romantic dinner for Tony and his girlfriend at Roch Harbor, Time actually learning how to fly and then getting a chance to fly.  Flying to the ocean, Westport or Friday Harbor along with what they could do at each place.  He said to just let him know when Tony can go and how many he would like to take with him.  Wow!  I was so pleased.  This will be a good thing.

I also received and email from a lady I don’t know.  She told me that her daughter went to elementary school with Kathryn and remembered her daughter telling her of a girl with a brain tumor and that she was better.  She also told me about a Mom who is really not doing so well 5 years after her daughter’s death in a car accident.  I actually know this girl and she was a friend with Kathryn.  They kind of drifted as Kathryn went to a different high school.  Her Mom is having a 21st birthday party for her.  I shared how we had a party for Kathryn’s birthday too.  We were out of town when her funeral took place or we would have been there.  I think an accident would be so shocking and harder to take.  Not that I have taken Kathryn’s death easy ( I cry every day) but I think if it were all of a sudden and I couldn’t have told her I loved her one last time it would have been a lot harder.  This lady also asked about Kathryn’s treatments and doctors as a friend of a friend has a 6 year old just diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.  I shared what I could about Kathryn and her treatments, doctors and my only regret.  I hope it helps them find the right path to a successful treatment for their daughter.

Is this why I am here?  Is this why Kathryn had to go through cancer?  Is this why she died?  Am I here to help others find what they need?  I don’t know but if this is what it is all about I hope I have the ability to really help.  God needs to lead me down the path so I do the right things.  It just seems things are landing in my lap and I am being directed to help others.  I will do what is asked of me.

In the next couple of days try to reach out and do something nice for someone.  Like a subway sandwich for the hungry. 

Take Care


  1. That is wonderful news about your brother's ideas for Tony! I don't know Tony personally, but my heart goes out to any member of the Camp Goodtimes Family in need. Please thank your brother for me, and thank YOU for asking on Tony's behalf.
    I believe that God lights our path, and that you are being led (and will continue to be led, as you are listening) to do what blesses others - and this will bless and comfort your heart, as well.

  2. Carol, I am so happy Kathryn finally visited your dreams. I hope she comes again soon and continues to bring happiness to your days.
    It is so wonderful what you and your brother are doing for Tony. I know he and his family will always remember your kindness.

    I think you and Karen have it right.....God is showing you the path that will help heal your pain. You are such a caring person with a wonderful open heart, sharing love will always bring it back around.