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Monday, July 30, 2012

Being a Mom 7-30-12

Being a Mom 7-30-12

Yesterday Richard and Bee came over in the early evening.  We took the picnic table out to the front yard and had a delightful dinner out in the sun.  It was perfect.  The steak was bar-b-qued just perfect.  The salad was from out garden.  This garden is really doing very well.

After a beautiful dinner we watched the Olympics for a while and then sat in the hot tub.  It was nice to just enjoy their company.  One thing I try to always do is spend every moment that they are here with them.  We talked about how my Mom and Dad have always been good about that.  They always stopped what ever they were doing is friends or family came over and would visit and spend the time with their visitors.  They drop every thing to spend time with their friends and family. 

In the morning I did sneak out to walk Chambers Bay with Princess.  I knew they would still be asleep when I got home so I wouldn’t miss any time with them.  Richard made breakfast for Bee and me.  He is such a good cook.  I cannot take any credit for that.  He learned from Scott.  Kathryn was very mush like me.  I always told her she would have to find a man that loved to cook. 

After breakfast we went to buy a sectional that Bee found online.  It was in fair shape but worth the $90.  They borrowed our truck to move this sectional and left their two cars here.  The truck was very full inside and in the bed. 

I got a call from our office manager at school today.  It was about yearbook stuff.  She hasn’t heard back from our rep and this really concerns me.  I know his wife was due with their first baby towards the end of June.  I hope everything is ok.  She also asked if I would be in before the required days.  I said I don’t know.  I’m not looking forward to going through my room and setting it up.  Well, Kathryn would help me with this and this year she won’t be there.  Last year she make a bunch of paw prints and put them up all over like a cougar had gone through the room.  She also put up my bulletin board with all the photos (family photos).  She worked hard on this and I made sure no one took it down so it will still be there when I go in.  My calendar was made by Kathryn years ago.  I always have a student comment on it each year.  It will be hard to walk into my classroom.  I don’t want to go alone.  Maybe I will ask my Mom to go on day with me.  It will help to have someone with me. 

I’ve also been thinking about our summer party.  Kathryn always helped me with every event we had at our house.  Last year she made my beautiful birthday cake.  She made the backdrop for pictures.  I could never do either of these.  I don’t have that artistic talent or vision that she had.  How will I get it all done?  She was my sidekick, my little helper and friend.

All of this thinking wore me out.  I was pooped.  I was supposed to go through some boxes today for the garage sale but I just couldn’t move. 

Tomorrow is a Ferrari day at the track.  I guess it will be pretty fancy with linen and such for breakfast and lunch.  Scott is excited.  It will be fun but I don’t like getting up that early.  I guess it is ok since I wake up anyhow.

Kathryn would also be proud of Klyde (her cat).  He is finally learning to snuggle.  I laid on the couch with him.  As I did I thought about how many times I snuggled with Kathryn on the couch or loveseat.  So many times.  One of my very favorite things to do.  I did get some wonderful hugs from Richard today.  I love it and I love him.  I also love his girlfriend Bee.  She is a very special girl.

Having children was the best thing that every happened to me.  I’m so grateful to have Richard and to have had Kathryn.  I’m so grateful that the four of us were always so close and shared life like we did.  The three of us will continue to do this.

Scott told me about one of the survivors of the Aurora shooting.  This lady lost her 6 year old, had a miscarriage and is now paralyzed from the waist down.  Just when you think you have it bad you hear about something like this.  I can’t image the pain she has.  I can share some but she has so much more to deal with. 

Tomorrow I’m going to stay off the couch and get busy.  I have a garage sale to do to raise money for Rowan. 

Good Night

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