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Friday, June 1, 2012

Rowan’s results! 6-1-12

Rowan’s results! 6-1-12

I’m s excited to share the news about our little friend Rowan.  Her brainstem glioma has shrunk by 36%.  Her MRI and Spectroscopy were both done yesterday 5-31-12.  This is amazing news.  If Kathryn had been able to continue on this treatment we would be celebrating her shrinking tumor too.  Rowan is only 3 and this is fabulous.  Her parents now are looking forward to life with less fear.  They are now believing that their little girl will go on and live a full and happy life.  Keep praying for them and the work that Dr. Bruzynski is doing to find cures for cancer.  His treatments are not harmful like radiation and chemo.  He fights the cancer by making genes do what they are supposed to do and not mutate.  This is such good news!  I just want to jump!

I read all of this after reorganizing pictures and finding last pictures of Kathryn.  Not just the good ones but the ones of her viewing as well.  The pictures are so hard to look at.  This news of Rowan just makes me wonder if we had only gone sooner would we still have our Kathryn with us.  Should I have made a decision to go in September when we first saw signs of the tumor returning?  Should we have gone to Houston in 2010?  I can’t really do this to myself but it does make me wonder.  Could we have saved her life by listening to our gut feelings and not the doctors.  The what ifs….

Scott and I talked about it and how we just need to accept it.  We need to find the positive in our situation.  There are positives but it is so hard to look past the fact that Kathryn is gone.

The dinosaur costume is all done.  I just need the fitting to size it correctly.  That won’t take much at all.  The second one will get started on Monday.  As for now I need to work on some other things.   Remember the second one is a secret.  I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it.

Tomorrow my friend will be giving her speech at the Gala.  It is a fundraiser dinner/auction for Camp Goodtimes.  I know she will do a wonderful job.  She is pretty excited too.  Richard and Bee (Katherine) will be going with us.  I’m excited to see both of them.  It seems like forever since I have hugged either one of them. 

I also had an interesting phone call yesterday.  It was from a lady Scott met at the WWU relay.  We wouldn’t have heard of her if I hadn’t gone to the hospital that day almost two weeks ago.  Anyhow the one nurse at the hospital said she knew a girl whose Mom works at the hospital who is involved in relay.  This was Courtney.  Scott met the entire family at the relay so the Mom felt she should give me a call.  So funny that she even remembered taking care of my Dad and talking with my Mom.  We talked for a long time.  Her daughter Courtney knew Kathryn.  She told her Mom of course I know Kathryn!  It was a nice call and I sure enjoyed talking with her.  I’m glad she took the time to call.

I’m off to bed – So, Good Night and Sweet Dreams

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