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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inspiring Others 6-16-12

Inspiring Others 6-16-12

Yesterday (Friday 6/15) I worked in the yard but this time I didn’t let my mind wonder so much.  Maybe a little but I held it together ok.  Our neighbor talked to me over the fence and showed me a pair of boots her 8-year-old daughter had worn completely out.  She said her daughter liked to wear boots in the sand box because she didn’t like getting sand in her shoes.  I had Scott bring out a pair of Kathryn’s rain boots and I gave them to her.  I know they may be a size too big or so but she will soon fill them in.  They are only a size 3 in kids.  She was very appreciative and asked me a couple of times if I was sure about this.  I told her I can’t hold on to everything and I had her very special things all put aside already.  Clothes and shoes will need to go sooner or later and I’m glad I can share with a neighbor.  I do have some clothes that I will hold on to but some day they will probably need to go too.  There will never be any 20 year old that will be the size of a nine year old like Kathryn.  So tiny!

Friday afternoon my Mom came over so she could go to the Fife-Milton-Edgewood (FME) Relay with Scott and me.  It was nice to have my Mom there for support too.  I was very impressed at the size of the relay.  It was the first year for this relay and it was great!  I saw a lot of former and a couple of current students.  I did a pretty good job on the speech.  Scott had to use his IPhone to light my papers and it would go off once and a while.  They had a slide show of Kathryn and everyone sat on the grass watching.  It was like movies in the back yard. 

Several people came up to me after the speech and luminary walk.  They all had nice things to say.  The man who introduced me said we inspired him and Kathryn inspired him to do more with is life.  He really had to think about life and how he could do better.  He said he was amazed by our strength because we had come out to their kick off back in February only 2 days after Kathryn had passed away.  I’m so glad that Scott and I are passing the torch as Scott put it.  By that he means inspiring others like Kathryn did to do better.  Kathryn would want us to do this and we do it proudly in her name.  That reminds me that one lady said that I must be very proud of Kathryn and we are.  She was one the most amazing people I’ve ever known.  I really believe Richard is so amazing too.

I talked with Rocksie from Camp Goodtimes on Friday afternoon as well.  She and I discussed when I could come out and help with Arts and Crafts.  She too complemented Scott and me on raising such wonderful children.  Scott and I have often looked at each other and asked, “How did we get such great kids?”  Both Richard and Kathryn have such tender hearts.  They are gentle and understanding with people.  They always do a great job of making people feel welcomed.  They treat people with respect and kindness.

Today (Saturday) was a lovely day with my Mom.  We went shopping at Target. Kathryn loved Target.  Maybe it was because she got gift cards from the clinic for Target.  You see, every time she got poked (a needle stick) she earned a token.  After four tokens she earned a gift card.  She had about 7 of them saved up.  She still has two tokens sitting on her desk.  Well, Mom and I both noticed this cute top and we almost said it simultaneously, “Kathryn would love that!”  It was bright and cheery and a cut that she would love.  So Kathryn.  I had walked right by the bathing suits because that is where Kathryn and I would always go first.  But Target usually didn’t have any that would fit because they didn’t come in XS.  Once in a while we could find something so we would always look. 

Mom and I stopped my friend’s house to look at her flower garden.  She has dedicated it to Kathryn.  She is looking for a Panda to put in her garden.  So if you find one let me know.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  I have a special card for Scott and would like to do something nice for him.  He has been very supportive of me through this great loss of ours.  I know he hurts deeply too but does his best to me strong for me.  He’s a good caretaker and I love and appreciate him.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads.  Remember how important your job is.  You are responsible for raising children that will grow to be adults and you are shaping them as they grow.  Be a good example of love, kindness and respect. 

Good Night

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