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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dinner with Friends 6-23-12

Dinner with Friends 6-23-12

Well yesterday after I wrote the blog my day really turned.  I saw a note on Facebook to Richard because he had left his up on the computer.  I didn’t realize that I was on his page.  Anyhow it was a note about Camp and it being a bitter sweet deal.  Then I went to Kathryn’s page and read notes from friends about camp.  Kathryn was so afraid back in December that she may not make it to camp.  I remember her talking about it and what position she would have and having a quiver in her voice and a tear just about to roll down her cheek.  All of this really got to me.  I cried and cried and cried.  Then I looked through photos for my Mom and I cried more.  My entire afternoon was one sad event.  I had housework to do and I could barely move.  I worked on it slowly one thing at a time.  I really had to push myself to get things going.  It was so hard.  What should have taken about three hours or maybe four took me seven or eight. 

Today (Friday) was a much better day.  The rain was something else.  I had to go to the store for some things for dinner and when I walked into the store I got so wet it looked like I had just stepped out of the shower.  I had three girlfriends from elementary and Junior high over.  They brought their husbands too.  We had played fast pitch together and soccer too.  It was a very nice reunion.  Dinner was fabulous!  Everyone brought a little something.  What a great evening.

So, tomorrow morning I will be heading out with Scott and Nancy to Camp Goodtimes.  Nancy is Matt’s Mom.  Matt is Kathryn’s boyfriend.  Matt is a staff member at camp for the first time this year.  His camp name is Kodiak.  He told me Kathryn gave him the name. 

I’ll be giving the dinosaur costumes out tomorrow.  Scotts going to get the photos.  Then Nancy and I will stay to help with registration. 
I’m looking forward to a nice day. 

I need to get to bed so Good Night.

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  1. Carol, after hearing so much about Camp Goodtimes and the dinasaur costumes, is there any way you can put a couple of pictures up so we can see?! Would LOVE it!