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Friday, June 22, 2012

Completely Done! 6-22-12

Completely Done! 6-22-12

I started yesterday by going to breakfast with a friend from work.  We also took a little walk after breakfast.  During our chatting we discussed fundraisers that kids can do and how important it is for them to see and know what or who they are helping.  I suggested fundraising for our little friend Rowan.  Maybe this will work.  The students fundraising can see her pictures as she was before cancer, through her treatment, what steroids do, how well she is progressing and how they can contribute to a month of life saving treatment for her.  The cost is $7,600 a month.  I know they are having financial issues.  You would have to be very wealthy to afford that much a month.  There are other costs on top of that too.  I hope they chose to help this family out.

When I came home around noon.  Richard was up in his room trying on crazy outfits for camp.  Very bright!  We talked about my discussion with my friend about Rowan.  I also reminded Richard about Rowan’s Make A Wish.  She is having her 4th birthday at Disneyland on Oct 27th.  Scott and I are planning on going.  Richard said he would like to go too.  But it will depend on what is happening with school at that time.  I was surprised that he showed such interest and happy too.  I think he is really interested to see how well Rowan is doing.  Remember statistics said she should not be here right now.  If she were getting conventional treatment, which would be limited to chemo because of the tumors location, she would have died by now.  But the gene therapy is shrinking the tumor and hopefully it will blow it completely away.  That’s what the people at the clinic expect to happen.  I look forward to the day that they say Rowan’s tumor is gone.  It’s going to happen.

Later Richard and I worked on moving some things in like Kathryn’s bed.  Such a bummer that the bed wouldn’t fit with the new configuration of the furniture.  I had just rearranged everything and now I had to do it all over again.  A bit easier with Richard here to help.  He and I went through some of the artwork still in the portfolios.  Both Kathryn and Richard had portfolios. We also went through her sketchbooks.  With Richard I can go through these things without tears.  I don’t know why but I can. 

After we completed some of this work we made a run to the Goodwill.  We turned things in and Richard bought a great outfit for the dance at camp.  It is a green suit of a funky material.  He bought a shirt, tie and shoes to go with it too.  Oh yes, it even has a vest.  It was fun to go on this little venture with Richard.  I remember when the kids were campers we would go every year to the Goodwill to buy clothes for the whip cream fight.  After they brought home those smelly clothes the first year we got smart.  You can’t believe how smelly whip cream can be.  After it sits on the clothes for a day or two and tied up in a bag.  I don’t know what chemical reactions are going on in that bag but it is bad!   So we would buy throw away clothes.  We also would make a run to the store to stock up on candy. 

My house looked like a bomb went off while Richard was here.  As I looked around I saw life and fun and my son.  I only wish Kathryn had all of her camp stuff thrown all over the house too.   It would have made it all perfect just like it use to be.  It would have been the three of us at the Goodwill too. 

As Richard and I took a little break late in the day he looked at me and said, “You can’t cry at camp Mom.”  I said, “I know, it’s a happy fun place and that is what I will make it.”  I asked him about memory circle and he told me, “You can cry at memory circle.”  This is where they remember all the children and staff who have passed away in the last year.  Of course Kathryn will be remembered at memory circle this year. 

Richard then continued to unload the truck with Scott while I worked in the yard.  The guys also started dinner. 

In the morning I worked on Mooselips dinosaur costume.  Richard needed to mend a pair of pants and shorten the pants to his suit for the dance.  We traded some duties since I don’t mind hand stitching and he is good at the sewing machine.  He packed up all of his stuff and headed out around 10:25.  Of course I had to clean up his dishes from breakfast but once again in this time of my life I just didn’t mind.  I never cleaned up after the kids before as to teach them to be responsible but this time it was almost like a gift was left for me.  After I saw Richard off I got out his dinosaur costume to finish one last little thing.  Now they are both done!  I almost blew it too because Richard saw the green thread and asked me what I was using the green for.  Some how I side stepped the question and moved on without letting him know that he was getting a dinosaur costume too. 

Now I sit here by myself with a messy house to clean.  So I guess I should get going so I can clean.

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