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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Catching Up 6-20-12

Catching Up 6-20-12

Monday I went to school in the morning to take care of the yearbook stuff.  I met with my sub who has worked really hard to make it all go well.  She did a pretty good job too.  I spent over two hours there, as I always get busy just chatting too. 

I left school to drive to Bellingham.  Richard was outside waiting for me.  We went to lunch and then to the coffee shop where our friend Lauren is the manager.  We had a very nice lunch.  It was also nice to finally see where Lauren’s coffee shop is.  Then Richard and I got busy moving.  Richard is moving all of his stuff into his girlfriend’s apartment until his new place opens in August.  We tried to keep it all in his girlfriend’s bedroom as she has a roommate.  Her roommate has graduated and will probably only come back to pick up her stuff but they didn’t want to give her anything to complain about.  So what that means is that we had to bring things home to store at our house.  We also picked up Kathryn’s bed and brought it home.  As we were moving things in Kathryn’s room I found all of her cute little shoes that she had under a couch.  I knew they had to be there. 

On our last trip back to the main house I was backing up the truck and I heard this pop.  The power steering went out.  Now this is a big 4 by 4 truck with big tires so turning the wheel is not so easy without the power steering.  Richard offered to drive it home for me on Wednesday and let me drive his car home.  So we had to pack all of his camp gear into his car so it would be there for him.  We went out to dinner really late (8:30) and I finally drove home.  I got home just before midnight. 

Tuesday I worked like crazy on Richard’s costume.  It is complete except the Velcro that I will need to hold the hood on.  That will only take a few minutes.  It looks so good.  His costume was much harder to do and today I found out why.  The other material is heavier just enough to make it easier to work with.  I’m going to present Moose lips and Richard with their costumes on Sunday.   I will be at camp that day helping with registration and I thought I could present the costumes just before all the campers start arriving. 

Tuesday afternoon I went to a little gathering for the staff from my school.  I had a great visit and we will just leave it at that. 

Today (Wednesday) I didn’t get a lot done.  I had to mop up the laundry room floor because the washer spilled a ton of water all over.  The floor is nice and clean now including under the washer and dryer. 

Richard called and said he couldn’t get the truck around in Seattle and he sure couldn’t get it parked anywhere there.  So he called triple A and had it towed to the house from Seattle.  It is free as we are triple A members and this made it where he could ride with the man in charge of camp to camp and help him get a bunch of things set up.  It worked out great.  Richard then took the ferry from Vashon to Tacoma and we picked him up. 
Scott started unloading the truck.  He said he lost it when he found the bag of shoes.  It is hard to come upon things like this.  I handled it pretty well when packing them up.  Some day I will go through all of Kathryn’s things but that will be later.  And when I do it will be a little at a time. 

We went to dinner with Scott’s Aunt Carol and Uncle Hugh at the Tacoma Yacht Club.  It was really nice.  They enjoy having family to share time with.  We enjoy them too.  It was different not having Kathryn with us.  We should have had 6 people at the table not 5.  It is so hard to think of her as gone.  It still seems like she is here. 

I received an email today asking about doctors.  Another young person who was treated for cancer as a child has developed a Glioblastoma from their previous treatment just like Kathryn.  I don’t know how old this young man is but I’m sure he and his family are terrified.  They have probably heard all the same things I heard and read all the same things I read.  None of these things were good, hopeful or happy thoughts. 

I need to hit the hay as I need to be productive tomorrow. 

Good Night

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  1. Dear Carol,
    You and your family are very brave. Those days of packing, sorting, etc. have been really hard for me, too - there are those "gut-punch" moments when you just have to stop.
    I admire each one of you for facing each step with love and teamwork and patience...your grief process is sacred, and you are honoring it, and in so doing, honoring Kathryn's place in your life. I believe that is part of being "whole" in the midst of unspeakable loss.

    I'll be helping at Camp on Thursday (Carnival day), and hope to see you there!