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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Camp Registration 6-23-12

Camp Registration 6-23-12

This morning I got up and got ready to go to Camp Goodtimes.  Yes, a bittersweet thing to do.  Kathryn should have been going to camp not me.  This was her special place in the world with no words of cancer and no Mom there with a concerned look on her face just there having the time of her life.

Nancy came with us.  Now I understand why Matt is such an amazing young man.  Nancy is a wonderful woman.  I enjoyed spending time with her.  Matt (Kodiak) was at camp and her looked like he had been going to camp for years.  He was having a great time.  Nancy took on the name (Gris). 

When we arrived at camp Scott (Scooter), Nancy (Gris) and me (Flower) we were all greeted with love and hugs.  This is what the camp family is all about.  The energy was amazing.  Everyone was working to get everything perfect for the arrival of the campers.  I spent time in the Arts and Crafts shed and met Rocksie.  She is a fabulous woman.  Richard (Loop) told me how special she was and how much he liked her and now I know why.  She had this huge beautiful nametag made for me.  I was so surprised. 

I ran Scott back to the ferry and then came back for my registration orientation.  Nancy and I worked on the A-C group.  There are a ton of papers to check off.  We had to check for signatures and copies of insurance cards.  It was fun to meet the kids and parents.

I did present the costumes to Mooselips and Richard today.  I do have pictures and will post them on Tuesday.  It’s late now and I have to catch an early ferry.  And I have to figure our how to post pictures on the blog.  Mooselips wore his all day and it fit great!  Richard and his co-counselor had already made a plan to wear suits so he didn't have a chance to wear his yet.  He also knew about it as someone let the cat out of the bag.  Oh, well...

Tonight as I walked Princess around the neighborhood I thought about the last real walk Kathryn and I took around the neighborhood.  It was September 22, 2011 and she told me that she was walking funny.  She had an MRI that was inconclusive.  But she knew and I knew that the funny step in her walk was not good.  They said it could be brain tissue that had died from the radiation.  They didn’t know for sure that it was tumor but I think we both did.  We enjoyed our walk and she took my arm to stay steady.  I miss those walks with her as I did tonight.  I looked at the beautiful sky and watched the swallow dive.  I thought of what we would be saying about the beautiful sky.  How we would talk about how cool it is the way the swallows dive.  Then I saw the crows that fly over every night.  Kathryn and I counted 1500 of them flying over one night.  We loved to watch them fly over. 

So many memories….

Tomorrow I will be doing Arts and Crafts in Kathryn’s honor.  Because of all the donations we received from friends and family they dedicated the Arts and Crafts shed to her.  The made a huge plague that reads, “Kathryn Panda Bradley”.  It hangs over the Arts and Crafts Shed.  What a wonderful tribute to my wonderful daughter.
I hope to carry on her fun loving personality by helping kids at camp.

Off to bed.  Good Night

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  1. Carol, all I can say is that you are amazing...also, doesn't Richard read this blog? I was wondering each time when you mentioned the costume being a secret!