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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sewing 5-4-12

Sewing 5-4-12

I started Mooselips dinosaur costume today.  I set up the table and I got the cardboard fold out sewing table topper from the other room.  When I unfolded it little pieces of pink and silver material fell out.  The last thing I made was obvious.  It was Kathryn’s senior prom dress.  She looked so adorable in that dress.  I remember I didn’t have it short enough at first.  I almost didn’t shorten it all the way that she wanted me to.  I was glad I did it because it was perfect.  It made her legs look long.

I remember shopping for the shoes.  We always had a hard time finding dress shoes for her.  Her feet were so tiny.  She usually wore shoes from the children’s department (size 2).  This was usually a good thing because she could get her shoes 10 to 20 cheaper than if she had to buy adult shoes.  Well we found the shoes at a store close to Macy’s.  It was a specialty shoe store.  All those child size shoes were now paying off as we had to pay top dollar for these.  We had to special order a size 5 but they also shopped them right to our front door.  They really weren’t too bad in price, just more than we usually paid for shoes.  Kathryn and I would always try to keep the price around $30 when buying shoes.  Well, Tom’s were special because they were 2 for 1.  Just that the extra pair would go to kids in need.  I think that is really why Richard and Kathryn liked the Tom shoes.  Her’s were still not much more than $30 because she bought child size.  Her prom shoes had heels so high that she had to practice wearing them.  She looked like she was standing on her tippy toes.  They were silver, strap sandal type with rhinestones.  Sparkles of course.  The silver sash was perfect to go with the silver shoes.  She looked so beautiful!

After I reminisced I read the directions on the pattern.  There really aren’t directions per say.  I got it all figured out and pinned and cut and finally sewed.  Yeah, that sewing stuff is something.  The bobbin will ball up on me and then it works perfect for a while.  Then the thread breaks or something else happens.  I did get the bottoms all done – just need the final fitting.  The top is half way cut out and I should finish that part tomorrow.   Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will all be done. 

Did I cry today?  Yes!  But the day was good for the most part.  Scott Bar – B-Qued and wonderful dinner.  My friend Robyn came over.  Her Aunt Joan will be going home tomorrow from the hospital.  At least that is what the word is for now.  The doctor said she is doing well and healing.  After a walk with Robyn, Scott and I sat in the hot tub.  The sky was beautiful with a bright full moon.  The same sky as it was the night before Kathryn passed away.  She left us on a gorgeous day.  For  February that is something special.  She was something special.

Good Night -  I hope you all had a chance to enjoy the beautiful sky tonight.

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  1. The sky was magical tonight. I imagined all of our loved ones sprinkling sparkles of shiny love down to all of us. God has created such an amazing world for us to marvel in. I can only imagine the majestic view our angels have. Loving you always and forever my friend. Praying each day that your heart heals a little more. Thankful you have so many memories of Kathryn. Hugs~