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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Painting with Mom 5-7-12

Painting with Mom 5-7-12

My friend had to cancel our breakfast date.  She was not feeling well so we will get together in the next couple of days.

Before I left the house the blood bank called for me to give blood.  They call every 56 days of before.  I’m “O” negative and CMV negative so my blood goes to the babies.  I wonder how many babies have my blood running through their little veins.  Hopefully I have helped.

I also read an email from my friend who has prayed about my situation.  She has asked God why he took Kathryn and his replay to her was that her duty was short and it was done.  She has this amazing ability to get answers from God and I appreciate her getting answers for me.  She said she was at a retreat recently and had a vision of Jesus, She said she stared into his eyes and asked him to show himself to me to let me know Kathryn was safe.  I think this is so thoughtful of her to ask this for me.  I hope to get my own answers.  I pray for this and hope it will happen for me. 

I arrived at my Mom’s house around 10am and started painting. Things are looking good.  We really accomplished a lot today.  We took a little lunch break around 2.  I took a walk with my sister-in-law around 4pm.  I sure enjoyed our walk.  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with her so it was nice to chat with her.  We stopped working around 7:00.  My oldest brother came by and talked with my Mom and myself for an hour or so.  I enjoyed his visit.  He can be pretty darn funny.

As we were working we found something that had fallen behind a piece of furniture.  It was a poem Kathryn had given my Mom for her birthday.  It’s about success.  In this poem there is nothing about having money or a good job.  It is all about the way you look at life and how you treat people.  It’s about biting your tongue when your words may hurt and ignoring the words of others when they talk poorly about others.  It is a great poem of how encouraging and helping others makes you successful.  It is a wonderful poem and it describes so well how Kathryn lived her life.  She wrote, “Grandma, you are the most successful person I know.”  My Mom is very successful by this description and Kathryn was too.

I slept really well at my Mom’s house.  Mom made waffles just the way Kathryn liked them.  A second day getting a lot done.  We had a couple of patched spots that weren’t dry for painting.  This left just a little bit for Mom to finish later.  The patching isn’t perfect but it sure looks so much better than those scraps and dents left by the wheel chair.  It looked very fresh and clean.

Scott said he had a hard time sleeping last night.  I thought about him last night staying in the house alone for the first time since Kathryn passed away.  Hopefully he will sleep better tonight with me by his side.  I always have a hard time getting to sleep when alone in the house.  I’m sure it would even be harder now.  When we first got back from our trip I had a real hard time sleeping.

My Mom is going to stay here on Friday night.  She said she just isn’t ready to stay in Kathryn’s room so she will sleep in Richard’s room.  She did sleep in Kathryn’s room one night since she passed but she didn’t sleep well at all.  I told her I understood and that was just fine with me.  I would rather have her have a good night’s sleep.  I have a hard time just going into her room.  Some where in our conversation today I also told my Mom that I wake up every morning with Kathryn on my mind.  In my vision every morning is Kathryn laying there at the viewing.  I told her that I can picture things so clearly like my Grandma Peggy in her casket.  Now I have that vision of Kathryn every morning.  But I can also change it to be any picture of Kathryn that I choose but this one pops in and out.  I usually get up pretty quickly because I don’t like having this vision even though I can change it, it comes back as Kathryn at the viewing. 

Please pray for the two young women that I have mentioned with cancer, our little 3 year old friend Rowan and my cousin’s husband Rafer.  Pray that all of them are freed of their cancer by way of a cure.  Kathryn was freed of her cancer but not in the way we would have preferred. 

One last thought – Please remember to love those around you sincerely and show your love often.  You just never know when they could be taken away.  Never go to bed angry or leave another person with harsh words.  Treat every time you share with someone as a precious moment that could be taken from you at any time. 

Good Night

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