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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Nice Surprise 5-23-12

A Nice Surprise 5-23-12

Today in the mail we received another nice surprise.  In it was a rubber stamp of a Panda chasing a butterfly.  Also several papers with the stamp on it and Kathryn “Panda” Bradley February 5, 1999 - February 2, 2012.  They are beautiful but even more beautiful were the words about Kathryn that were writing in the letter.  This young lady had attended camp with Kathryn from the very first year Kathryn had ever attended (2001).  We also, strange enough, bought a car from her father some years ago.   We didn’t know what our daughter’s had in common until we were talking when we looked at the car.  In her words she wrote about how Kathryn never made fun of her when others did.  She wrote about Kathryn had become a natural leader and a calming force.  I guess that is what the parents of her best friend Cody saw too.  They always referred to Kathryn as Cody’s Llama.  Meaning she calmed him.  She said, “Kathryn was honestly one of the most selfless people I had the pleasure of knowing.”

Then she wrote about how Kathryn said something about her treatment at dinner.  This was at Camp Goodtimes 2011.  So she asked if Kathryn had relapsed.  Kathryn filled this young lady in on what was going on.  Kathryn also said she wasn’t concerned.  She said, “Whatever happened would go ahead and happen and she was only focusing on giving the kids their best summer fever.”  That was who she was.  She was more concerned about others than herself.  She wanted to give those little cancer kids the best summer ever. 

Upon her being told she only had 3 to 6 months left to live she focused on us.  That is her family and friends.  She asked me (her Mom), “What can we give to Richard? We already gave him skiing.  I want him to be ok.”  She also wanted each of us to seek out help through a head doctor (heart doctor).  She planned that Christmas Party to say good-bye to everyone.  I’m so glad she was well enough for this party.  She just wanted one last party for her family and friends.  She knew it would be the last one.

Another thing happened today.  We have been members of a points system of vacations for years and years.  I think be bought into it in 1994. We booked a cruise for our young friend with cancer and her mother.  I’m so happy that we were able to use our points to give this young lady and her Mom a trip that will be so meaningful to them.  They are going to Alaska on a 2012 ship!  I hope they have the time of their lives.  They are so grateful and excited.

I also received a call from the Principal from my school.  The brick is done that was purchased in honor of Kathryn by the staff.  There is a wall outside of the performing arts center where they put these bricks.  My dear friend from school then sent me a picture of it on the wall.  It looks wonderful!

As far as my health goes.   I did go see my primary physician.  He is a wonderful man.  He always hugs and kisses me and tells me he loves me.  He truly cares!  He is the best doctor ever!  Anyhow he mentioned a sinus infection and it is starting to feel like one.  I did consider that myself.  He also mentioned something related to meningitis.  I thought of that of meningitis but he said not full-blown meningitis but something related to it like a baby meningitis.  I guess the ladies at the hospital had said they thought I had meningitis too.  He also agreed it could be stress.  So they did several more blood tests.  I should know tomorrow.  I just hope to wake up feeling fine tomorrow and have this behind me.  I have too much to do to waste my time hurting like this.  I do feel somewhat better.  Oh, he also suggested seeing my chiropractor.  This could be part of the problem too.  I do think I may be a bit out of alignment.  He also thought the massage was a good idea.

Good Night!

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