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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mom’s Birthday 5-31-12

Mom’s Birthday 5-31-12

The garden is completely done.  Scott added zucchini, planted the tomatoes, planted the lettuce, and took out the corn seeds and replaced them with starts.  It should produce a fair amount of goodies.  That’s if the deer stay out of it.

One of the Ladies from Jehovah Witness came by on Wednesday.  She had moved to Oregon in 2008 but heard about Kathryn and was up here for a funeral for a friend and just had to stop by.  I thought that was a very thoughtful thing of her to do.  She told me one time when she was here she turned around and there were two deer right in front of her.  They leaped down the bank and then they were gone.  We talked about seeing our loved ones again as God has promised.  And that faith in God’s word is what we all need to get through times like this.  She also said that there is a grieving process and each stage is needed and it’s just fine to cry.  I was constantly wiping my tears as I talked to her.  She remembered Kathryn and Richard.  She talked to Richard one time for over an hour because I wasn’t home that day.  Richard read the entire bible after talking to her.  We had a nice conversation and her daughter joined us too. 

On Tuesday Scott told me that one of Kathryn’s shoes was next to the fish tank.  He said it is one of the striped shoes.  This was so odd.  The mate was on the top shelf of   where her shoes are in her closet with clothes kind of hanging over them, which would hold them in place on the shelf.  The fish tank is on the opposite side of the room.  Now you tell me how this shoe jumped off the shelf and walked across the room to the other side.  I don’t believe one of the animals jumped up and grabbed this shoe hidden behind the clothes.  It is a very strange thing.  I just have accepted this kind of thing as Kathryn letting us know she is around.  What can I say?  There is no explanation to how this shoe moved all that distance.  I have also been smelling that sweet smell pretty regularly. 

I also had a dream about Kathryn last night (5-30).  She was looking for her pink blanket.  That’s her little baby blanket that she took everywhere with her.  In my dream I handed it to her and she smuggled it up to her face.  She loved the smell of it.  It wasn’t a long dream but it was a dream with Kathryn in it.

So today I’m working on the dinosaur costumes.  It’s a good day to work on an indoor project.  I can’t wait to give the costumes to the new owners.  I’m going to add some special details.  Fun!

I almost forgot.  Today is Rowan’s MRI.  I’m looking forward to positive results.  It must be good because she is doing so well.  If that tumor had grown they would be seeing changes since it sits on the brain stem.  Pray for positive results.  Shrinking tumor or clear areas would be the best things to hear.  Rowan is our 3 year old friend from the clinic in Houston. 

And finally as the title states – It is my Mom’s Birthday today.  I called and we chatted for well over an hour.  Maybe even two hours.  I sang happy birthday to her and she said I even sang on key.  We had dinner with her on Sunday for her birthday too.  Next year will be a special one and we will have a BIG party.  Well, every birthday is special actually but you know what I mean.

Have a great day!

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