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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lucky 5-6-12

Lucky 5-6-12

We started the day by having Brunch in Bremerton with my brother Pat, his wife Gin and family and my Mom.  It was great brunch with a good company.

I came home and started planting all of the flowers I bought the other day.  Then I planted Azaleas.  The five Azaleas were given to us upon Kathryn’s passing.  I also planted a pink hydrangea from Kathryn’s friend Sarah and her Mom and Dad.  Finally I planted the big Lilac plant from Arnie and Robin.  When I say big it is big and beautiful.  It is a pink one and it smells so so good.  The blossoms are even larger than usual.  When it fills in more net year it will be super pretty.  As I planted each plant I thought about the people who gave these plants to us.  I thought about all of the people who came to Kathryn’s service.  I thought about how special that day was and how happy Kathryn would have been to see everyone and see everyone dressed in cheerful colors.  She would have loved all of the flowers and Luminaries too.

The yard is looking pretty good.  I have one big project I need to get done real soon.  That is to make room for my vegetable garden.  Richard has a bunch of starts for me.  I’ll pick them up when I go to Bellingham on the 19th to speak at the relay.  I’m excited to get all of these starts.  Actually some of them are good size already. 

It was such a nice evening that Scott and I sat out on the front porch and had dinner there.  The sun was so warm and bright.  It really felt nice.  We sat there for a while and talked about how lucky we are.  It may seem strange that two parents who just lost their wonderful daughter could sit and talk about how fortunate they.  We have a good life and though we only had Kathryn in our lives for a short time it was a wonderful time.  Kathryn and Richard have been such blessings for the two of us.  God has given us so much and we are grateful.  We have good people in our lives.  We enjoy life.  We have a lovely home.  It’s not over the top but it is comfortable and just right for us.  I remember one of Kathryn and Richard’s friend form camp said that our house made him feel welcome and comfortable.  It is a home.  We don’t fight or fuss.  We have a loving relationship.  Most of all we have each other to support each other.  Statistically we are out there.  We will be celebrating our 29th anniversary this year.  Many marriages don’t make 5 years.  Now we have lost a child and they say most marriages in this situation end in divorce.  I truly believe Kathryn’s passing has made our marriage stronger.  We have come closer together not farther apart.  We talked about how we have always just worked together to get things done.  That means the kids too.  We have always been “Team Bradley.”  Our team efforts really shined when it came to caring for our little one.  From the day we were told that Kathryn had another brain tumor in on April 17th 2010 to her passing, to the celebration and to moving on.  We are a team always and forever. 

I talked to my young friend who has multiple melanoma tonight.  She will be giving a speech at a fundraiser for the ACS and Camp Goodtimes.  It was perfect.  She read it to me and I heard her passion in every word she spoke.  She said, “Camp Goodtimes is the happiest place on earth.”  When I heard those words I heard Kathryn.  Those were her exact words too.  This young lady really feels a connection with Kathryn.  She says Kathryn gives her strength.  I’m glad to hear this.  Kathryn would want to be there for her and she is.

Tomorrow I am having breakfast with a good friend that I have know through relay for years now.  She is on her fifth type of cancer.  I believe she was first diagnosed at 21.  This one is very serious.  She is a fighter and doesn’t let cancer get her down just like Kathryn.  Kathryn always amazed her with her outstanding attitude, positive outlook on life and her dedication to fighting cancer.  We have always been amazed at this friend for all of the same reasons.  Along with her amazing fight.  I’m looking forward to a great start of my day with her.

After breakfast I will head off to my Mom’s in Eatonville to patch and paint.  I sure enjoy spending time with my Mom.  I’m so lucky to have her.  She is a wonderful mother.   A true roll model of what a mother should be.  Her love is unconditional.  I look forward to my next couple of days with her.  I may not blog because her Internet is the phone jack type.  So, if you don’t see a new blog it will return on Wednesday night.

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