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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hot tub talk 5-18-12

Hot tub talk 5-18-12

Last night Scott and I sat in the hot tub and we were discussing the book “Closer Than You Think”.  As we talked about the book Scott said a bunch of things that I sore were word for word from the book.  He kept talking and he had such insight.  He reminded me that he did die once and he saw the light.  He really did.  It was a wonderful and comforting conversation. 

My day today was one of pain.  Call me stupid for lifting those bags of dirt yesterday.  I believe that is what caused all of this pain.  The pain made it hard to function.  I only got a few things done.  Sitting things like sending out some emails and cards, paying bills and not much else.  I sure hope tomorrow is a better day because it is a big day.  Oh yes, I did make a trifold display for the relay so people who listen to my speech which has a lot to do with Kathryn will have a face to the name.

I also made a few changes in the speech to make it flow better.  I added a couple of little things too. 

So tonight Scott and I talked again in the hot tub.  Hopefully the hot tub loosens my muscles up.  Scott also massaged my neck too.  Any how I said I wanted to talk to Nathan the healer who came to hospital.  I was thinking may he could also gets some answers from God for me.  Like why did you send Nathan and then not let him heal Kathryn.  Well, Scott said it wasn’t for us it was for Kathryn.  He went on to say it was to give Kathryn peace.  It was to let her know that she was going to be ok.  I believe he is right.  Kathryn lit up when she saw Nathan in the hospital and listened to ever word he said.  On our Christmas (Jan 22) Nathan came by our home with his family and our friend Dennis and his family.  We asked Kathryn if she wanted to see Nathan and it was a definate yes.  She also allowed the family to come into the living room with her.  She stayed focused on Nathan as if she was hearing the voice of God.  She smiled a big smile and clapped for Nathan when he finished his song.  If was for Kathryn.  It gave her peace and strengthened her faith.  She knew she would be ok.  Pastor Foege and Pastor Shaw had made visits too.  She loved Pastor Foege so much.  She has known him all of her life.  She said on day “I love that man.”  Of course speaking of Pastor Foege.  Our Hot tub talk was another good one.

Well I need to try and sleep off this pain.  Good Night!  

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  1. Carol, your presentation tomorrow will be amazing! What a great blessing to continue inspiring people and lifting those up who need to be. Your experiences will touch the hearts of many. Your words will speak to their souls. You have an incredible gift and opportunity for sharing so much positive love and energy. Strangers will become immediate friends...you will be equally blessed by those you meet. Understanding one's sorrow, lightening another's burden, leaving someone better off than how you found them......this is you. Lots of hugs and prayers are with you tomorrow as you share Kathryn's life, passion and love for others. She continues to be with you on this journey. XXXXX's your friend.