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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hospital 5-20-12

Hospital 5-20-12

I hadn’t been feeling real good on Friday.  My body was hurting all over and my head felt like it was going to explode.  I tried Tylenol all day and into the night and it didn’t even touch the pain.  The hot tub stopped some of it but not all.

Then I tried to sleep.  Now I was in great pain.  My head a neck were the worse but then my lower back and all the way down my legs started to get really bad too.  I tried to sleep in our bed and I couldn’t get comfortable so I moved down stairs to the couch, then the love seat, then the other couch, then the recliner, then Richard’s bed, then the floor and I kept working at it but nothing worked.  I was hoping to go to sleep and wake pain free.  I took my temp (100.3).  I started throwing up around 3:30. This business didn’t last all that long.  I’m glad about that because the cough that sometimes goes with it would take my head pain and make it 10 times worse.  Around 4:30 am I went in and asked Scott to rub my back and legs. I couldn’t lie down.  I had to stand.  He said, “You need to go to the hospital.”  Off to the ER we went.

One lady asked if I wanted a wheel chair.  I said, “no thank you” and the other lady said, “You can’t sit can you?”  I just shook my head yes.  I tossed around on that little bed and stood as much as I could.  Finally drugs were put into my body and the pain in my legs and lower back went away.  One of the drugs is what they use for people with kidney stones. So it was a strong one.  They ran every test and even did an EKG and a Chest x-ray.  All of those came out fine even the two tests for the flu. Scott had called my Mom and she was there in a flash (from Eatonville).  The nurse (Kris) alluded to my pain being from all the stuff going on in my life.  Maybe it is true.  I always think I am tougher than that.  As we talked she had also mentioned that a nurse friend of hers has a daughter who is involved in the Western Relay for Life.  And her name was Courtney Price. 

I went home and since my lower back and legs were better I could at least lie down.  My head and neck still hurt and are still hurting now.  My Mom and Scott took really good care of me.  I started feeling better and better and was able to get good nights sleep. 

So, Scott went to Bellingham for me.  He took the tri-fold and some luminaries to set up a backdrop for his speech.  A group of Kathryn’s friend had made luminaries for her and Richard or Scott took pictures for me.  Richard video taped Scott giving the speech and said, “Dad did a real good job.”

When he first arrived he went to the tent to find whom he needed to talk to.  He met up with the girl who he was directed to see and it was Courtney and her Dad.  The one the nurse talked about in the hospital.  He also met Mrs. Price.  The committee presented Scott with a framed committee member t-shirt signed by all of the committee members.  That was very thoughtful of them.

As the clock rolled around to 10 pm my Mom and I thought about Scott and how he was doing.  We knew he would do a good job.

As I got ready for bed I thought about my illness.  I thought that maybe it was God’s way of having Scott do the speech.  Scott likes to be involved and sometimes doesn’t feel like he is involved enough.  So I got sick.  Just sick enough to not be able to go to Bellingham but not so sick that Scott wouldn’t go.  If I felt any better I would have gone.  If I had to stay in the hospital or was continuing to throw up Scott would not have left me.  He had called my Mom so I wouldn’t be alone. 

I just listened to his speech and he did do a very good job.  Everything happens for a reason.

Another take it easy day as I still don’t feel 100%. 

Have a Great Day!

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  1. Perhaps Kathryn needed to hear from her dad. There may have been a father in the crowd that needed the encouragement from another father. We will never know all of Gods plan but, we know he has one and we are the vehicle in sharing and serving those in need. Everything is as it should be. Sometimes we blow through the stop signs causing a barricade to be placed in our way. Rest is a key ingredient in persevering. Sharing the commitment of honoring your sweet and precious daughter magnifies the blessings and opportunities that come your way. With love and hugs~