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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Mail 5-22-12

Good Mail 5-22-12

My head is still killing me and I finally read though the papers that came home with me on the 19th.  I’m a bad patient.  It says to get a follow-up check up with your primary physician.  It also says to come back in or get in to your Primary Physician if the pain is not gone the first day.  So I called today and maybe they will get me in today or tomorrow.  I have another massage tomorrow and maybe that will help.  It did help a little but I think I’m so tight it will take a few.

The other day I received a beautiful card from the staff of the middle school in the Fife school district in which I teach.  It was so nice to get that card with all of the individual notes on it.  They also made a generous donation to our family fund.  This has been a life savor for us.  The generosity of the people in this district is amazing.  I’m so blessed to have this family.  I just don’t know where we would be without all of the support that we have been given by family and friends.  When you have a tragedy it seems that kindness just seeps out of people.  I know my little friend Rowan is having some financial difficulties.  I’m racking my brain in how I can help.  The amount they are spending monthly on medical care is probably far more than they are making. 

I also received an invite in the mail the other day.  It is a cute pink castle invite for Rowan’s 4th birthday.  This birthday party will be in October on the 27th.  It is sponsored by Make-A-Wish.  She will be having her Birthday in Disneyland.  One of Kathryn’s favorite places.  We will have to go!  I was so pleased that her Mom has sent out early invites, which suggests a good positive attitude for Rowan’s future.  Her latest pictures are beautiful and she looks wonderful.  You know Make-A-Wish is only for children with life threatening diseases.  They must be recommended by a doctor.  Kathryn had a Make-A-Wish when she was 9.  It was perfect timing as she was getting tired of treatment and this Wish revitalized her and got her through the rest.  This too will be perfect for Rowan.  Remember she is the little one we met in Houston and is under going the same treatment Kathryn was on.  Rowan’s body has taking the treatment well and her tumor is under control.  We told Richard that Rowan is doing well and about her birthday party; you could hear the excitement in his voice.  Rowan is like a little extension of our family and we wish her a long and happy life.

I just received a call from the doc for a 3:20 appointment.  Yeah!  Probably nothing they can do but I need to follow the orders, especially since the pain is still here.

Take care and have a good day.  Treasure each and every one.

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