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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fulfilling Day 5-17-12

A Fulfilling Day 5-17-12

I started the day by going through some mail and looking at the paper.  I received a nice surprise.  A friend had suggested I read this book called, “Closer Than You Think.”  It’s about how the people who have gone before us are watching us and how we can communicate to them.  We just need to be open.  I was giggling with excitement.  I read the intro and was so involved in the book I almost missed my appointment. 

I headed out around 8:10 to give blood.  They lady who was leading me to the back where they hook you up to the blood sucking tube said,  “Oh I didn’t notice, you are one of our special ones.”  Yep – the baby blood.  It feels good to give.

I then ran by the local Lowe’s store to get my garden dirt.  I chatted with some older gentleman for a little bit.  And then I moved on to grab a cart and some help.  I had a young boy help me and not a very big guy.  Twelve bags of dirt at 2 Cu Ft per bag gets heavy.  Then we went for two smaller bags of potting soil.  I helped him with a few bags.  I told him he wouldn’t need a gym workout after this.  He agreed.  Then we had to load all of this into the truck.  I jumped in the bed of the truck and pulled the bags forward as he lifted them up to the truck.  Part way through I said, “Wow, I’m tired.”  One bag later he said, “I’m really tired.”  It was work! He headed back to the store as I shut the tailgate and realized there is a reason those people at the blood bank tell you not to do any strenuous exercise for 24 hours after giving blood.  My heart was racing and my breathing was very heavy.  I was so thirsty.  I stood by the tailgate for a minute or two.  I saw the man I had chatted with in the store and thought about asking him if he had any water but didn’t.  Scott usually has water in the cab but not this time.  Once I was in the cab I was still not feeling so good. Lightheaded and really thirsty.  I sat for a little bit and just waited for everything to calm and then drove home.  I fixed myself a big glass of juice and sat down for a while.  Then I felt good.

Now I had planned to vacuum the house before I left for an appointment and I had only ½ hour left.  I did what I could and left every lie.  I never do this but had to. 

My appointment was lunch with my young friend (28 yrs old) who was diagnosed with incurable cancer in October of 2011.  I also had the pleasure of meeting her Mom and having lunch with not one amazing woman but two.  We shared stories and talked very openly and honestly about cancer and death.  We talked about the terrible side effects of chemo and radiation.  The secondary cancers that come of it many times and other things like mental illnesses, seizers, heart disease and on and on.  Poison to save us from cancer but this poison can cause other cancers and diseases.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me.  It’s crazy but it is all that we have.  I know they are making strides in finding new methods that don’t involve radiation or chemotherapy.  Things need to change!  We had talked for a long time and we probably could have talked even longer.  When I got to the car it was 3:00 and we met for lunch at 12:30.  It was a very good time.
Oh I didn’t say that I was going to drive my nice car but Scott had talked me out of it.  I drove our mountain car the old Audi.  It has a cracked windshield and scratches.  So I was driving to Tukwila where we were having lunch and boom a rock nails the windshield and adds another huge crack.  So glad I wasn’t driving my nice car.  I told Scott and he said that was Kathryn. 

So I got home just behind Scott and just in time to finish the vacuum job of the rest of the house.  You see, we had someone coming over at 4:00.  Thank goodness they were late.  Everything was done before they arrived.  I even had time to read some more of the book.  In chapter one she mentioned smells.  Like the smell I talk about.  The smell I smell right now and how it gives me peace because I know it is Kathryn giving me comfort.  I have such a hard time sitting and reading because I always have so many things I could be doing.  I have two books to finish now.  Sun bathing will be reading time. 

I also received a beautiful card with a note stating that a donation was made in Kathryn’s honor from the middle school in Fife (Surprise Lake).  This is such a great school district.  I told Scott’s friend who came over today about the staff in the district donating enough days for me to not have to work until next year.  He said, “Wow, What a family.”  He is so very right.  The Fife district is a family and an amazing one at that.

It was a very good day!  Off to sit in the hot tub to ease my back muscles and worm Scott up. 

Good Night!

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