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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wine Auction 4-14-2012

Wine Auction 4-14-12

Well Richard and Scott set out very early 4:30 am for their fishing adventure.  They each caught a nice Steelhead.  It was packed on the river.  I stayed home and did a pretty good job of staying focused.  It was hard to do as I cleaned around my desk.  I always clean before I go so I don’t come home to a mess.  It was hard as I was saying because of the things I came across.  The envelope with Kathryn’s death certificate.  I didn’t open it.  I also came across another envelope that was from a friend who took a paper that Kathryn wrote home with him from Kathryn’s celebration.  I did stop to read the note from him and his wife as well as Kathryn’s paper.   It was good to read.  Our friend wrote about how inspired he was by Kathryn’s writing to change is thinking to appreciate everything and every day. 

Richard and Scott came home much earlier than I thought they would.  That’s only because they caught their fish right at the beginning of the trip.  Richard went with me to get my new golf shoes.  When it came to picking out golf balls he said I couldn’t get the pink ones.  

I headed off to the Camp Goodtimes Wine Auction in Bellevue.  I found it easily and found the parking too.   I just followed the people who were dressed nicely and figured I was going in the right direction.  There was a big room for the silent auction. The totem pole was there by the camp table. They put the pictures of the children who have passed away on the totem pole to remember them.  I never wanted Kathryn to be featured on the totem pole but there she was.  They also had a big poster collage of Kathryn there.    There were so many things for the auction.  I think our cabin went for around $400 for two nights.  They coupled it with a couple of bottles of wine.  I won a nice gift that I can’t say what it is because I am going to give it to Richard for Christmas.  The lannies were selling well for $15 each.  Most of them were sold.  We gave away Panda cookies with each lanny and then I left the basket with the table I was sitting with.  They all had children that would like them.  I met Mooselips’ wife and saw several people I know from camp.  All wonderful people.  I also met one of the speakers (a 15 yr old girl).  She was diagnosed with a tumor that ran from her upper thigh to her knee.  At the time of her diagnoses her chances for survival was only 25%.  Well she was there and looked great.  She is done with treatment and getting her port out soon.  She had her arm in a cast form doing a backhand spring.  So that means she is doing very well.  She found her tumor while doing gymnastics.  Her leg hurt and it kept hurting and finally they went to the doctor and that was when it was found.  She was 8 at the time.  Her treatment must have gone one a while for her to still have her port at 15.  She spoke of how Camp Goodtimes gave her a place to be normal.  She wasn’t the girl with cancer but just another kid at camp. 

At dinner I sat next to  PA for a neurosurgeon.  Her husband worked in the neuro wind at Swedish (a Doctor).   A single man was in the middle and he was one of the top guys from the ACS.  I’m sure I have met him before.  There was another couple.  The woman was a kindergarten teacher but I don’t know if she is still teaching.  Her husband worked with new types of drugs.  Not sure if he was a doctor or in pharmaceuticals.  It was a great time.  I also talked to the woman who spoke.  She is from the salon that comes out and does the hair for all of the kids at the carnival.  She knew Panda well.  Of course, Kathryn had her hair done every year with lots of color.  I left early because Richard and I were going to hit golf balls into the forest but I got home too late.  I was still up for it but he didn’t want to.  He worked on cutting his fish into smaller pieces.

When I got into the truck to leave the Wine Auction I broke down and cried my eyes out.  I yelled at God all the way home.  He could have saved her and her didn’t.  I yelled at him for this.  I was really upset.  He let her die and he could have stopped her death.  He was the only one who could have saved her and he chose not to.  I will never understand.  She did so much good and wanted to do so much more.  She lived to help others especially those with cancer.  She wanted little kids to look at her and say, if she can do it so can I.  She has no idea how many adults said that.  Every one of those people we saw at radiation said, “If that little girl can do this so can I.”  Everyone who met her believed they could do more when they saw this little itty bitty girl fighting cancer while wearing a great big smile.  How could you not have more strength when seeing what she went through and with great courage and such a positive attitude?  She was remarkable.  So why didn’t God let her stay to encourage others?  This was one of his Big mistakes.  Oh he has a plan people will say.  In my eyes his plan sucks.  This whole deal sucks.

So I will still pray to Him for understanding.  I will pray for Him to bring Kathryn back as I always do.  I will pray for the ones who I know who have this disease.  Hopefully He will save them. 

Tomorrow Scott and I leave for our trip.  We should have a great time.  Just a few little things to do in the morning.  

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  1. I'm so glad that you went to the auction. We went once (I was the speaker) and it was so encouraging to see the love and generosity of the people there. Doesn't it feel good to give things for the silent auction? Your Lannies & cookies are a wonderful idea. I'm also glad that you got to meet Heidi (Mrs. Mooselips) - she is one of my favorite people in the world.
    Wishing you & Scott a wonderful road trip. I hope that getting away for a change of scene will encourage you and refresh you both.
    I just returned from Kansas where I visited my friend Maribeth (you may know her name from my book) - she moved back to KS a few years ago. She went through ALL of our journey with Katie alongside of us - she is a cancer survivor herself, and she gets it.
    On this trip to her home, I encountered God in a new way. I was surprised to feel anger on this trip when we were in a worship service. When I sing hymns or praise music, I feel angry because Katie is not with me. I am glad to know that she is with God, if she can't be with us here, but oh, how I miss her - and the hymns seem to open the tear-floodgates. I haven't been to church very much in the last 5 years, and I think this is part of the reason why; I just cry and cry. So your anger and your tears seem quite normal to me. I know that God is big enough to hold every tear and all of our emotions.
    God bless you on your vacation!