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Monday, April 16, 2012

Vegas 4-16-12

Vegas 4-16-12

We drove 651 miles to get to Vegas today.  I think we made record time.  I didn’t tell about the things we saw yesterday and just how beautiful our country is.  We came across White Pass with the mountains covered in snow and the sun shining so bright and the sky was a gorgeous blue.  We stopped at the pass and saw people skiing in t-shirts and not waiting in line at all.  As we came down on the east side we saw waterfalls and followed a river.  We went by Rim Rock Lake and a bunch of little resorts.  The water was a beautiful blue.  Once we got into the Yakima Valley all of the rows oaf grape vines were perfectly manicured.  The cherry trees and apple trees were delightful with their delicate pink and white blossoms.  It was so pretty.

As we drove we passed farm lands with the green fields, the golden fields and the brown fields.  It looks like a giant quilt.  It’s great to see farmland in our country.  And the ranches.  Oh there are so many ranches.  And all of the babies.  My Grandma Julia would be so excited to see all of the baby cows.  She had a ranch and knows how important those babies are to keep the ranch going.  As a kid I loved our trips to South Dakota.  We had so much fun with our relatives on the farms.  I took Richard back there with my Mom and I was pregnant with Kathryn.  I have a photo of Richard feeding the baby lambs.  He liked the farm.  We also broke down in the middle of nowhere on that trip.  That’s another story.  I took both Richard and Kathryn back in 2000 with my Mom and Dad.  We camped all the way staying at KOA camps.  It was a lot of fun until Kathryn got the shingles.  The doctor and I figured it was due to her chemo stressing out her immune system.  She was in a great deal of pain but never complained.  She had them on her lower back at the top of her butt crack so sitting made it hurt and when you are traveling you sit a lot.  My poor baby.  We did get her a prescription and it did seem to help clear it up a little faster.

We also saw some huge mounds as we drove through Washington.  Each mound had a pipe coming out of it.  The mounds were real long.  We could finally see the end of one and it had big swing out doors.  We figure they were something to do with the military and huge storage units for big equipment.  They looked really weird.  Probably 40 or more of them. I almost forgot about the fuzzy hills.  The hills were covered with something that made them look like they were covered in velvet.  You just wanted to touch them.  They looked so soft.

Then we climbed up and up the Penalton Grade.  You could look out and see forever.  It was amazing

As we drove today we saw a lot of really cool rock formations.  The hills were not round and fuzzy but cut and hard.  Some had sharp tops and others had the tops cut flat.  They all had beautiful lines through them of many different colors.  And as we drove forever through the Great Basin we had mountains covered in snow to our right and bare hard rock mountains a little lower to our left.  There were long, very long stretches of road that were very straight and looked like they just went off the end of the Earth.  Great places for passing!  We passed through many little towns.  We had to ask ourselves why would anyone want to live here?  It is dry and there is nothing around.  I would be lonely.

As we drove we tried to get Kathryn’s Zune to play more than one song at a time.  We old folks just can’t seem to figure it out.  As I took a closer look at her Zune besides noticing our silly Christmas picture was on the front I also noticed this had more than just music on it.  It has photos and video too.  I started looking at the photos and I started to do what?  Yes, cry.  I can’t help it.  She was so beautiful and so full of life that it is hard to accept that she is not here.  Enough, as I’m starting again. 

So tomorrow we will have a full day in Vegas.  I’m going to take Roady with us and we will get some pictures of him gambling.  Should be fun.  When people think we are crazy we will just tell them that it is a project that we are working on.  If they ask more we can make up some silly story.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow. 

Good Night

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