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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Track Day 4-6-12

A Track Day 4-6-12

Scott and I went out to the new track “The Ridge” which is located by Shelton.  Scott didn’t drive a lot because of his knee.  I was kind of iffy about even going.  I haven’t driven in years and I have a different car.  I was feeling a bit uneasy.  And yesterday was such an emotional day for me, well I was feeling a bit burned out.  I actually woke up with a headache and felt tired and not too excited about getting up at 5 am.  It was a long drive but as soon as I saw the track this big smile came across my  face.  My heart beat a little happy beat and a very good feeling filled my entire body.  I love driving fast.  I love a challenge.  And I knew I was really glad to be there.  I was able to get in on the class.  This is the first class that had ever been taught by The Ridge driving school.  We had a classroom type class in the morning and then we went out on the track to do some driving exercises.  The exercises were on three different parts of the track so you ended up driving around the entire track once you finish the three different exercises.  This not only allowed practicing and perfecting the skill of each exercise but also allowed you to see the track and get a little familiar with it.  So you did the first exercise and then drove to the second one and did it and then the third.  We did this cycle about 4 times.   Then we had a very short class specific to this track.  After the class each student rode two laps around the track with their instructor driving.  The instructor drove slow, 40 or so, and pointed out the line to drive and reference points to use for all of the blind spots on the track.  Then the each student drove two laps at this slower speed to get the feel of the track.  And after lunch it was all driving at speed.  My first two laps at speed were very stressful and once I started to actually feel the rhythm of the track I felt more confident and had a big smile on my face.  It was so much fun.  A fabulous day at the track!!

The Texas Medical Board will not be shutting down Dr. Burzynski.  Their case was thrown out of court as it should be.  Rowan’s parents are relieved and delighted to know that she will be able to continue on her treatment. 

A man we talked to today at the track had a similar story.  His brother in law had a huge tumor that had spread.  He was only 13 and the doctors said there was nothing they could do for him and he was going to die.  Our friend was only 22 at the time and quit school to help his brother in law.  He found a place down in the Bahamas that had a unique treatment.  The treatment was based on the make up of each patient’s individual blood.  What ever was missing in the patient’s blood was replaced with donor blood.  The donor blood had to be spun out to retrieve whatever little parts were needed and then the patient would inject the specially made serum into himself several times a day.  It was working.  The tumor was dying.  Our friend witnessed other people who also had remarkable results with their tumors disappearing in just a few short weeks.  The patients would go home and continue the treatment then return after three or four weeks and be reevaluated and get the new serum and then continue again at home.  This would continue until the cancer was all gone.  A great treatment that worked!  But, our country shut this clinic down and his brother in law died within a month of the shut down.  The tumor started to grow again without the treatment.  The tumor cut into an artery and he bleed to death.  They did open the clinic later but it was too late for our friend’s brother in law.  Some times FDA approval is a bad thing.  If something is working they should work with the clinic to continue treating patients not shutting the clinics down and leaving patients without life saving treatments.

I have to get to bed as we are going to the track again tomorrow.  I can’t wait.  I know that big smile will form across my face as soon as I see the track just like it did today.

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