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Monday, April 23, 2012

Solvang 4-23-12

Solvang 4-23-12

We drove along the coast today from Anaheim to Solvang.  It was a nice drive and not too long.  There were some really nice sites to see.  The ocean was beautiful.  We saw surfers and one guy doing stand up paddling.  The towns along the coast were cute. Huge houses on the hills over looking the ocean.  As we drove through the beautiful mountains we received a call From Richard.  He calls regularly to check on us.  We call him too.  We talk everyday.  I was driving and when Scott finished talking to Richard I started to cry.  I couldn’t help but hear Kathryn’s sweet little voice in my mind saying, “Hey how ya doing?”  She would be calling to see how we are doing on our trip too.  I miss that sweet little voice.

Thanks goodness we arrived in Solvang early (3:30) because by 6:00 all the little shops were closed.  This town is a Dutch town.  All of the buildings remind you of the chalets in the Alps.  Very cute!.  For those of you who have been to Leavenworth it is like Leavenworth but bigger.  We found a bakery for Scott and tomorrow we will take a look in the chocolate stores and more bakeries.  We also went into a toy shop.  We found some things there that we will pick up for Richard and us.  Of course there were toys that Kathryn would have loved.  The little wind up toys and animals.  Then the sock store.  Kathryn was referred to as socks back in middle school.  It was the way she rebelled against the strict dress code.  She would wear her red, white or blue polo and a denim skirt with her brightly striped socks.  My Dad would remember this.  He had a story about Kathryn and her socks that he loved to share with everyone. 

We went to dinner at the Red Viking.  It was a Dutch restaurant. We shared the veil.  We also looked at each other and agreed the shops were tough to go through.  Thinking of Kathryn as we looked through the shops is difficult not to do and it makes both of us realize our reality.  It’s really rough when that reality hits.  It’s like a slap in the face.

Scott saw two older ladies eating dinner together.  He said, “I think they are sisters.”  Then he said to me as we were checking out, “We should buy their dinner.”  I said, “sure.”  So, the girl had picked up their money and was at the cash register and we told her to give them back their money and we would pay for it.  Only one lady was at the table at this time and after taking care of her bill she called over to me a big thank you.  I walked over and gave her a hug.  I asked if she was with her sister and she said yes.  I said I was glad she had a sister to share with and she said she was too.  I said this because I wish Richard still had a sister to share his life with.  We saw them a little later as we walked down the street and they thanked us again.  It felt good to make them so happy.

After our walk we took a little drive.  The hills are so beautiful.  We saw a bunch of dear but no bunnies.  I kept looking for the little guys and none anywhere.  There was also a ranch where you could rent cute bunk houses.  The horses were really thick horses.  I’m sure they do trail riding up in the hills where we saw all of the dear.  We also drove through a small residential area with gorgeous houses that have outstanding views. 

Then we sat in the hot tub when we got back to the condo.  Later Scott got a little upset (tears) and he said the thought of Kathryn being gone just creeps up on him and really upsets him sometimes. But then he got dizzy and boy he didn’t look good.  I hope he is better in the morning.   Don’t worry, he is sleeping well right now and I am sure he will be fine in the morning.

Good Night

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