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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scott's Birthday 4-10-12

Scott’s Birthday 4-10-12

Today I had big plans to get a bunch of stuff done.  Richard called to wish his Dad a happy birthday.  He also shared what the two of them will be doing on Saturday for his birthday present.  They are going fishing with a guy from Camp Goodtimes who is an amazing fisherman.  I had a nice talk with Richard too.  Then I laid on the couch for a while.  Well I started late after laying on the couch.  It was hard to get moving.  Finally I headed up stairs to shower and a friend had posted something on facebook and we chatted for a while.  I finally got in the shower and got moving. 

I headed out to shop for Scott’s gift and a some things for our trip.  Shopping was very successful.  I ran into a lady that I worked with way back in the 90’s at Mason.  You know how you see someone and you know you should know them.  Well, that was how it was so I said something.  We talked for a long time and she asked me if I was on spring break and that is when I had to say something about the wonderful people in Fife giving sick leave through the end of the year because of Kathryn.  I became teary eyed.  I told her Kathryn’s story and I did ok.  But this was the start of now a difficult day.  I cried as I drove home thinking about not having my daughter here with me anymore.

I got home and tried to start on a project.  I ended up taking a long nap.  I finally got up and started to put away the Christmas glasses and mugs.  This is the very last of Christmas to go away.  But in doing this I had to go through a box in the storage area under the stairs.  It was a box of Kathryn’s things that I had taken out of her room to make room for her Christmas decorations.  As Scott called it, I had a melt down in the closet under the stairs.  I felt heavy and exhausted.  I finished my project, which made me feel a little better, but I could hardly function and I didn’t want to ruin the evening for Scott.  We had planned to go out for dinner for Scott’s Birthday.  He was very patient and said that we could go whenever I was ready.

We actually split a dinner and that was plenty for both of us.  Our conversation was mainly about our children of course.  We both hold them so close in our hearts.  We had the perfect evening.  When we came home I gave Scott his gift.  I knew I would have to return something.  Well exchange. 

I took Princess for a walk and met up with the neighbor.  She and her husband are kind of to themselves so they didn’t know about Kathryn.  She asked me, as she looked up at Kathryn’s room with the Christmas lights on, “how is your daughter?”   So I didn’t go into detail but told her Kathryn had passed away in February.  I made sure she didn’t feel bad about asking.  But I didn’t really want to go into detail again.  Once is enough for a day.  My heavy heart just couldn’t go through it again.

After our little walk Scott and I sat on the front porch and took in the view.  We don’t look out over the water but we look out at the forest.  All the animals were there with us.  When we came in I typed up our schedule for our trip to give to neighbors and our house sitters and family. 

It was a heavy hearted day but Scott sure helped me feel better.  I’m lucky to have such a wonderful Hubby.

Watching some crazy dating show.  Date Ship is the name I think.  There are 6 men and 4 women looking to meet someone while on a cruise ship.  All of the women are 40 or more.  The men range form 26 to 40 something.

Good Night

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  1. I am hoping today you don't have to talk about what happened and maybe just maybe your spirit will feel a little lighter...even though you are missing her so much> You are constantly in my prayers.
    Terri Eley