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Friday, April 13, 2012

Not so bad Fri the 13th 4-13-12

Not so bad Friday the 13th  4-13-12

It’s Friday the 13th and a good day for me.  My friend was going to come over at 7:30 this morning a decorate Panda cookies with me.  Since she didn’t have to go to work she asked if we could meet later in the day.  I was already up and ready to go so I just kept on going. 

So I was packing for our trip and I have a deal where I iron everything before I pack it.  I also tried a bunch of stuff on since I have gained weight in the stress.  I lost a couple but that isn’t near enough to wear all of my clothes.  Then I ironed and folded a few of Scott’s clothes too. 

My friend Robyn came over and we had lunch together out in the front yard.  The sun was out and it was so nice.  I hated to leave but the Panda cookies had to get done.  I headed out a little early to look at some golf shoes.  They are so expensive.  I’m use to buying my shoes on sale and getting them for $20 - $30.  I didn’t buy any yet.  I have one more day.

I went to Jocelyn’s parents house to work on the Panda cookies.  When her Mom came home Jocelyn had me share some of the things that have happened since Kathryn passed away.  Her Mom attends these things called constellations.  It is working with the spirit world to help solve problems people may have.  It is connecting with the dead.  It sounds very interesting.  I’m still a bit confused about it.  I think I want to look more into this.  It sounds fascinating.  She also shared that her experience has been that people who have died always seem to be happy and at peace.  This was nice to know as well as comforting. 

I forgot to mention that for several days now it looks like someone has been sitting on Kathryn’s bed.  It isn’t the animals.  No hair left behind and they don’t really go into her room.  I have straightened out her bed about four or five times now.  Just like the pressure I felt on my bed this could also be Kathryn sitting on her bed.  As I’m typing this I smell that sweet smell. 

No big melt down today.  Just a few little tears while talking about Kathryn with Jocelyn’s Mom and when I drove up to the house. 

Richard is here.  I love having him home.  We looked houses on line that he will be looking at on Wednesday.  He has to move out of the house he is in because the guy who owns it will be letting his daughter move in.  We also took a walk after dinner.  Which of course I enjoyed.  The sky was so beautiful with the pink stripes tonight.

At dinner I brought up that I saw a duck in the clouds today.  Richard and Scott saw it too.  They described it perfectly so it was the same cloud.  Maybe you saw it too around 5 pm.  It was pretty cool.  Kathryn would have thought it was great too. 

Off to bed as Richard and Scott are leaving at 4:30 am to go fishing.  A gift from Richard for Scott’s birthday.  Oh I hope they catch fish and have a wonderful time.  The weather will be good.

Good Night

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  1. Carol, It is so hard to believe and so sad that the boys won't be living together anymore...So hard to believe because they have been together for so long. I don't like this feeling...Im so grateful for Mitch and Richard's friendship! Julie A