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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Neighborhood Brain Disease 4-3-12

Neighborhood Brain Disease 4-3-12

Taxes are organized and ready for the tax man.  That will be Thursday.  It took all day.  Deciding on the medical stuff was time consuming.  Also adding up all the sales tax from receipts took a while.  9 to 3 but I’m all done.  An hour with the tax man and I will have an entire year off from taxes.

Today I received an email from another Mom who also lost her daughter.  It is very nice to make that connection.  There are many things that we have in common.  For starters both of our daughters were named Kathryn and both had this spelling.  Hopefully we will get together in person. 

Scott told me today that he went to send a text on his phone and a text (an old one) from Kathryn came up.  It just popped up.  Strange! Or What!

I was out walking with Princess, Kathryn’s dog from when she was 8 and in the hospital, and stopped to chat with some neighbors down the street.  I really only know then from walking by and chatting.  I shared that Kathryn had passed away.  It brought tears to their eyes.  They had met her at the neighborhood bar-be-que and maybe a few times out walking with me.  Anyhow we discussed the illnesses in the neighborhood.  It is kind of scary.  Before we moved in another man died of a brain tumor.  Three years ago 2 neighbors died from Lou Gehrigs disease.  Two women have developed seizers and one of them died.  Two people with strokes.  And then Kathryn died of brain cancer too.  Brain tumors are rare.  Kathryn’s first one was extremely rare.  Lou Gehrigs is rare and to have two people in the same neighborhood with it is…. well frightening.  The seizer that killed the one lady – she was only in the early 40’s.  The only thing that isn’t strange in all of this are the two people who had strokes.  They are elderly and that can come with age.  All of these diseases are in the brain.  I bet if I probe more I will find more brain disease.  It seems a bit off that this many people in this small neighborhood should have so many brain related diseases.

ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease) is a progressive, disabling, usually fatal disease. Walking, speaking, eating, swallowing, breathing, and other basic functions become more difficult with time. These problems can lead to injury, illness, and other complications. This sounds just like what happened with Kathryn.

A friend of Kathryn’s posted a picture of the two of them.  Real cute! it was at our house and at one of Kathryn’s Christmas parties.  It really got me.

Tomorrow I meet with two ACS people and Matt’s Mom Nancy to discuss the fundraiser she has going.  It should be a great meeting.

Good Night

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