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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Monday, April 2, 2012

MRI 4-2-12

MRI 4-2-12

I started the day at 4:20 to take Scott’s brother Todd to the airport.  He has had one thing after another go wrong.  When I got home at 6:15 he said they had canceled his ticket.  Unbelievable!  Anyhow they were able to get him on a flight. 

While Scott and Todd went to White Pass to ski Saturday and Sunday Scott fell and tore something in his right knee.  He saw our old neighbor who is an orthopedic surgeon.  Nothing broken, so off to the MRI we went.  Now this is where I started to have a hard time.  I had gone to all of Kathryn’s MRIs.  I would go in the room with her and hold her little feet, give them a soft rub just to let her know I was there.  She would lay there so still and listen to the music.  I listened to the MRI machine and could tell by the sounds when it was getting close to being done.  She never had a problem getting an MRI.  I can picture her laying there with her long beautiful eyelashes and so peaceful.  I thought of this image of her many times.  When I heard the MRI start making is noise (going from the chirping bird to loud obnoxious noises I couldn’t help but think of Kathryn.  Of course I started to cry.  I actually thought that sending her a text message would help me stop crying so I started.  In the middle of my test Richard called.  I don’t know how he timed it so perfectly but he took me away from my tears.  I shared with him where we were and how it had made me cry thinking of Kathryn.  I love chatting with him and he sure gave me the distraction I needed just at the right time.  I love him so much. 

Kathryn’s 2nd grade teacher came by today too.  She had given us a rose bush that is named Kathryn when our Kathryn was first diagnosed in 2nd grade.  It is a beautiful rose bush and the only one in my yard that is doing well.  She came by and trimmed it up a little more and fed it some lime to sweeten the soil.  At least I think it was lime.  I thought that was so nice of her.  She has been here for Kathryn and our family since 1999.  She is an amazing lady and an awesome teacher.  Kathryn learned so much in her class that when she was diagnosed on March 3rd and missed pretty much the rest of the year she had already finished all of the material for 2nd grade.  She was way ahead as her teacher said.  So the next year she went on to 3rd grade without any problems.  She did go back to school a few times in second grade maybe the last two weeks. 

In doing our taxes I can’t believe the amount of paper work the medical industry produces and the amount of money they charge for things.  I reported a couple of things that I thought were totally out of line to the insurance company today.  The fact that Walgreens sent us somewhere around 280 10cc syringes of heparin was so out of line.  That was supposed to be for a 21-day supply.  The amount they sent could last for years and years.  There were other things they sent and they wouldn’t take them back.  I felt they took advantage of my insurance and me so I told on them.  It didn’t cost me but really it did with higher premiums.  We were also given an advisor that isn’t what it is really called but I can’t think of the name right now.  She was supposed to help us with insurance issues.  We called and left several messages and the young lady from the hospital called and left messages and we never received a call back.  Never ever got a call back.  What was she doing?  Not her job!  And my insurance is paying for this, what is this?  Nothing! No service at all.  She was supposed to be our advocate and work for us to help us get things done.  When we needed her she wasn’t there at all.  Luckily we had the young lady in the hospital that did her job for her.  And she was wonderful.  Enough whining for I would have to eat several pounds of cheese to go with this whine already.  Off to the yard to pull some weeds.

It felt good to get those weeds pulled.  Afterwards I spent hours on just the medical stuff for taxes and hopefully tomorrow I will get the rest all in order so I can be organized for the tax man on Thursday.  I’m not really done with the medical part, that was just Kathryn’s medical part.  I forgot about the rest of us.  But the rest should go much faster.

Funny that I went upstairs to get ready for bed and Princess followed me.  Then she realized I came back down and even though Scott is in bed she came back down and pawed at me.  She wants me to go to bed so I better.

I received the book in the mail today from my friend.  The book “Because of Katie”.  I’m excited to read it and at the same time I’m afraid to read it.  I know it will be like it was today listening to the MRI machine.  It will bring back things that are sure to make me cry.  I read “My Sister’s Keeper” and cried the entire time.  I read “The Art of Racing in The Rain” and it made me cry too.  Kathryn had bought “My Sister’s Keeper” for me.  It was on TV last night. I found it while flipping through the channels.  I thought about watching it but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It may take me a while to open this book but I promise I will read it.

I better get my snoring dog up to bed.

Today is April 2nd – that is 2 months since Kathryn passed away.  Exactly 60 days.  It seems like an eternity. 

Good Night

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  1. Whenever I have to have an ultrasound, I get PTSD symptoms. I was with our Katie through every CT scan, echocardiogram, MRI, PET scan and ultrasound, and it comes back to me when I have to have one. My heart goes out to you. God bless you!