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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Leaving LaPaloma

Leaving LaPaloma 4-20-12

We had a beautiful breakfast on the patio over looking the pools this morning.  The little birds were flying about.  When the people at the table next to us left about 10 birds landed on the table and started feasting on the left over toast and fruit.  Kathryn would have loved the little birds.  We used our extra toast to make P&J sandwiches for the ride.  After breakfast we went for a swim.  It was already very hot (closing in on 100).  The swim was great!  We sat by the pool for a while then checked out the gift shopped.  While going through the gift shop it was hard not to think about what I should get for Kathryn.  She would have loved the hats with the sparkles in them.  She would have loved the Christmas ornaments that were cacti decked out with Christmas lights.  I bought the ornament that I thought she would have liked.  Maybe she would have liked another one better but this one was light in weight and will hang on the tree better.  It is glass and will glow nicely with the lights on the tree. I almost bought the hat too but I didn’t want to overspend.  Then we packed up and headed out.

We were approximately one hour out form our next destination when we ran into a serious traffic issue.  Both lanes going in our direction came to a stop and then just crept along.  Slowly we made it to the site of the accident.  A tracker trailer and a pick –up pulling a huge barbeque with a big  sign on top had run into each other.  Who knows who cut who off.  They were off the road but you know how people just have to stop to take a look.  It added over an hour to our driving time.  Oh, we were in the middle of the desert and the temp was over 100.  Thank goodness for AC.

We are staying at my cousin’s house in Anthems.  It has a gorgeous country club and the house is fabulous.  We ran into a couple of problems.  The first pool was closed for a Luau.  The second pool said we had to have a guest pass and we didn’t.  So we didn’t get to swim.  Oh well.

We had a wonderful dinner with my cousin Ethan Nightengale and his girlfriend Melinda.  It was a very nice evening.  Ethan is a nice young man.  He just lost his Dad in a car accident not even a year ago.  Two years or so ago his Mom died.  He just has his sister now.  The two of them are having issues over stuff.  I hate to see it when siblings have a hard time getting things divided up when the parents pass away.  Some times the stuff should just be handled by an outside person who can just follow the will and not have any feelings involved.  They only have each other and stuff isn’t nearly as important as having your family together.  Richard would have given his life for Kathryn.  He would have done anything God asked him to do if only he would have saved her.  I know he prayed and offered whatever it would take to keep his sister alive. 

Tomorrow we will have breakfast with Ethan’s sister Diane and her husband Vince.  I hope I can impress upon her the importance of having Ethan close to her.  I don’t want to get mixed up in the handing out the stuff just helping her remember that her brother is blood and he is her family forever.  They should be looking out for each other.  I’m glad that Scott’s family handled this pretty well. 

I didn’t cry about Kathryn until tonight.  Sometimes the tears just flow and they are like a steady stream down my face.  When I realize it is all for real I get so upset.  I wanted so badly to call her while we were driving today.  I wanted to share what we have been doing and tell her about the little birds at breakfast.  I wanted to share about the hummingbirds I saw this morning and all the little bunnies I saw this evening.  There were a dozen wild bunnies on the T-box this evening as we drove by.  Bunnies are everywhere here.  She would have wanted to coax them with some food and get them to eat out of her hands.  I really miss her. 

Getting away has been good.  I shared with Ethan and Melinda the time when our dog was hit by a car and died.  We didn’t have any children at the time so they were our children.  When Cruiser died we were so sad that we had to leave the house.  We took the loop around the peninsula for several days.  We took our other dog Ellee who was Cruiser’s mom with us.  As we were heading home and about 10 miles out we looked at each other and cried.  When we did get home Ellee looked all through the house for Cruiser.  She was sad too.

I’m going to wash the tears from my face and get to bed.

Good Night

We had a wonderful breakfast with my cousin Diane and her husband Vince this morning.  Well more of a snack.  I do think Diane is really feeling the stress of losing both of her parents so close together.  I reminded her that her brother is her family and he will always be family.  I just told her that I hope that she and her brother will come to terms and love each other like their parents would want them to.  Family is the most important thing.  Stuff is just that – Stuff.  I also sent her a the quote form Kathryn, “A minute upset is 60 seconds wasted.”  I feel so bad for the two of them.  They seem to be lost but I think Diane is realizing that she can do things differently and it will help her be happy.

Speaking of happy – This trip is helping me find my happiness that is for sure.  I will never stop missing Kathryn and I will probably cry about my loss but I can also be happy they way she would want me to be.

Scott and I arrived in Anaheim around 4:30.  When we got 81 miles out of LA we saw the smog.  Scott couldn’t believe it.  He kept asking me is that really smog?  I kept saying, yep that is smog.  And the traffic.  Oh my goodness.  There were 6 lanes of traffic completely filled with cars fro as far as you could see.  Scott said, “It’s a sea of cars.”  It looked kind of neat because it was going in the opposite direction.

Before we saw smog when driving through Palm Desert we saw hundreds and hundreds of windmills.  I thought there were a lot in Eastern Washington.  No there are not a lot in Eastern Washington when you compare it to this area.  And it was 103 to 105 most of the way. 

While we were checking in I noticed a small Disney shop.  Of course Kathryn came to mind.  She loved Disneyland and the Disney store.  When it was in the Tacoma Mall we always went into the Disney store.  I have been using her Mini Mouse bag lately.  It is beautiful.  We bought when she and I went to Disneyland together back in 2003 or 2004.  We had such a good time.  At California Adventures we road the big roller coaster over and over until we got the perfect photo.  There were no lines at all.  I think we road it at least 12 times in a row.  We knew ever turn and just where the camera was. 

No accidents to slow us down today.  Thank goodness for that. 

We are off to dinner now.  I will blog again tomorrow night now that I have Internet.

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