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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy 4-30-12

Lazy 4-30-12

It was hard getting started today.  Finally Scott and I went to the store and bought a new kitchen faucet that has been broken for a while now and some flowers.  I got all of the flowers planted.  It is hard working out in the yard because it gives my mind a chance to just go.  And it goes and goes and I think about how much I miss my little girl. 

I did get all of the flowers planted and they look great.  I planted a bunch under a tree where we have some little squirrel figures.  Scott asked me if that was my squirrel tribute since I ran over one on our trip.  I never even saw the little bugger.  I only heard the thunk. .

Roady is back on Kathryn’s bed sitting with his little buddies. 

Neither Scott nor myself had a lot of energy today.  Kind of a lazy day for us. 

Richard called and said there were 14 people who stayed at our cabin and there were about 40 people there fro the bond fire.  They had a great time.

Hope I sleep better tonight.  I think I was hearing noises last night and I couldn’t sleet too well.  I should sleep well tonight.  We sat in the hot tub and it usually makes me relaxed.

Good Night

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