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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heading Out 4-15-12

Heading Out 4-15-12

Last night I had some strange dreams and a terrible nightmare.  Scott woke me up because I was screaming in my sleep.  Then he snored so bad that I had to leave and sleep down stairs.

We had planned to leave the house by 9 am.  Well, that didn’t work out at all.  By time we got it all together we were 3 hours behind schedule.  Oh well.  We were actually glad we were a little behind so we could see our niece and give her last minute instructions and have her there with us to show Princess that she was ok.  Even though she sat Princess and the cats while we were in Houston it was good to have us there to reintroduce her to the Princess since she is so old.  Every thing should be just fine.

We headed out and stopped by my Mom’s up in Eatonville.  Then we drove over White Pass to Yakima down to La Grand Oregon and then to Nampa Idaho, which is 20 miles short of Boise.  Tomorrow we head out to Vegas!

The drive was beautiful and no problems at all.  Driving is a challenge for me to keep my mind from picturing Kathryn laying there at the viewing.  Or thinking of her not being with me.  Scott was good to keep a close eye on me and to keep talking so my mind wouldn’t drift.  The song “Over the Rainbow” by Bother Iz came on and Scott asked if I was going to be ok with it.  I said yes I need to learn to be able to so this.  But then I had to have him change the song as the tears rolled down my cheeks.  You can’t see to drive very well when you have tears in your eyes.  I had to change out some other songs too but didn’t well after this.  I must say Scott has really become very in tuned to my feelings.  He is really watching that I am ok.

Out plans had included bringing some of Kathryn’s ashes to take to Disney Land.  I just can’t think of doing this without Richard.  I also have a hard time thinking about opening the container.  And thinking about spreading her ashes anywhere is… well unthinkable for me at this time.  So, instead of ashes we brought a Panda with us.  Kathryn hadn’t named this one so we named him Roady.  This is for Road Trip and it also goes with Rodeo since he came from Texas.  Yep, he is from Mitch’s family.  Mitch is Richard’s best friend who lived with us for a while and has lived with Richard for many years now.  Roady wore a pair of Kathryn’s sunglasses and sat on top of suitcase so he could see where we were going.  We’ll be taking pictures with him.

Our little friend Rowan from Houston had an MRI.  For the most part everything was stable.  There was one area that had some enhancement.  This is not what you want to hear.  But they are not clear as to what it really is so they will do a spectroscopy.  I have been down this road but I hope they do not follow.  Not the same direction.  Rowan’s Mom said she is dong well and her right side is getting stronger.  Her electrolytes are all in the normal ranges.  This is all fabulous.  And Rowan had a great time hunting Easter Eggs and opening them.  Pray for our little Rowan.  She just celebrated her one year anniversary from diagnoses.  Living one whole year with her tumor is fantastic!  And let there be many many more.

Off to bed – Good Night

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  1. Carol how long will you be in Vagas? Vince and I are flying in on Wed then head home to Houston on Sat. Let me know if you will be there at the same time. We would love to see you and Scott.