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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eureka 4-24-12

Eureka 4-24-12

We drove though the scenic mountains of California today.  It was absolutely beautiful.  You know I try so hard to not think about Kathryn being gone.  I try to just be happy and remember how wonderful we had it when she was alive.  But I can’t help it.  I just get so sad and cry.  I distracted myself by doing all but the last hour of driving but that wasn’t enough.  I really don’t know how people do this.  How do they become normal again? 

We stopped at the Black Bear Café for breakfast about 45 miles out of San Francisco.  They had a bunch of carved bears out front so Roady had to have a picture taken with his relatives.  This place was started in Shasta, Or. 

We stopped at some roadside attractions.  One was the big redwood tree that you can drive through.  Scott drove through while I took the picture.  He held Roady out of the window while in the tree.  There was a lady who thought that Roady was so cute she wanted a picture of him being held out of the window too.  I told her about Roady and how he related to Kathryn so she would have the story to go with the photo.  Picked up a couple more souvenirs for Richard and myself.  There was a box in the gift shop with a picture of little forest animals sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows.  I said to Scott, “You know who would have loved this picture.”  Kathryn of course. 

Camping at Twanoh will be difficult.  Just driving up and seeing the smoke from the campfires will be hard.  Kathryn always road with me and we would smell the campfire smoke while still on the Highway.  Oh… the campfire!  That is what we would say.  She won’t be in the truck with me this year.  We won’t look at each other when we smell the campfire and smile at each other.  Camping was something I did with Kathryn and Richard every year.   Every year we were at Twanoh with the exception of one year when it was closed.  I hurt just thinking she won’t be there around the campfire or sitting on the dock or holding the flag when we water-ski or wakeboard.  She won’t be there floating on the floaties with me.  But I will still have a good summer no matter what.  I will need to stay so busy because this will be my first summer without Kathryn.  She won’t be there to lay out in the sun with me.  So many things will not be there because she will not be there.  Tears and Sadness…..

Our second roadside attraction was “Confusion Hill”.  This is where water runs up hill and all kinds of things are off.  I rolled a golf ball down a trough and it just rolled right back up to me.  This balance of things and magnetic pulls are all different here. They say its some kind of Vortex

We pulled into Eureka at 4:30 pm.  Our room is great!  The lady at the front desk said the VIPs fight over this room.  It is very nice.  They have a limo that is free and will take you to restaurants and such around town.  So we took them up on the offer and had the limo take us to dinner.  We ate at the Seafood Grill.  The food was amazing.  Our waiter was a master at his job and the place was clean and had a nice atmosphere.  When we were picked up by the limo Scott twisted his knee getting in.  He had torn I his ACL just 3 weeks ago so this was very painful.  He feels better but now his knee is hurting.

Tomorrow our drive is very short and we have lots of sights to see.  the owner of the restaurant that we ate at gave us some good tips for our trip tomorrow.  It should be a good relaxing day of sight seeing. 

Good Night

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