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Friday, April 20, 2012

Driving the Lotus 4-19-12

Driving the Lotus 4-19-12

Sorry for not writing yesterday.  Scott and I got into Tucson (4-18) just with enough time to clean up and go to dinner.  Our drive was great.  It was much shorter that the one from Nampa Idaho to Vegas.  Our dinner was really something.  It was part of the package that Scott purchased at the LeMay Auction.  We ate in a private wine cellar with the people who put this all together.  We had delicious food, delightful wine and wonderful conversations.  The people we were having dinner with were people we had never met before.  As we spent time with them it was like we had know them all for a long time.  One of the ladies had lost her husband to Lou Gehrigs’ disease.  So she really understood about being a caretaker.  Only she took care of her husband for over two years.  We both agreed that this disease and the way Kathryn’s tumor affected her were very similar.  Thank goodness ours was not so long.  She asked if we had read “Heaven is For Real”.  She said it really helped her out with dealing with the loss of her husband.  We have read it and it is a very good book. The frustrations must be so hard for the one who is in this condition.  We had dinner with Dominic Dobson (a former Inde racecar driver),  Tom and Ann Marie Hedges of Hedges Wine Vineyard, CJ and Graham Doland (owners of Inde Motorsports Park),  and Brad Green and his girlfriend Lisa.  Brad owns the Lotus that we drove and a very nice outgoing guy. Roady went to dinner with us and every one loved him!

Today we ordered room service for breakfast.  We were out late last night and we planned to leave for the track at 7:30.  We all drove about 70 miles to this private racecar track.  You can become a member and get a garage to keep your car in for $50,000 and then you would have annual dues.  

When e got there we were given a tour of the facilities.  The frig full of drinks was open to us.  Then we drove.  Let me tell you there is nothing like being the only car on the track.  First we drove around the track in a couple of SUV to familiarize everyone with the track.  It has 21 turns, blind turns and some elevation changes.  It is a very technical track.  Then I went out in Tim’s Porsche.  He went with me to instruct me.  He was a great instructor.  I drove until I became tired.  The track was all ours for the day.  Scott went out with  Dominic Dobson and they learned the track together.  He drove the Lotus that belongs to Brad.  We took turns driving.  I drove the lotus with Scott and then with Dominic.  All three of them, Tim, Scott and Dominic helped me improve each time around.  I got pretty darn fast.  Both Dominic and Scott pushed me and taught me how to go faster. 

We had a beautiful lunch at the track..  At one point while we were all just standing around after lunch this small jet flew right in front of us long the straight away.  Then it came by us again.  It belongs to Brad and he called his pilot and told them to do this low fly by.  It was great.  Roady had a good time too.  He even rode with me on my last 6 laps around the track.  Then we were treated to dinner again; this time by Tom Hedges.

I have been able to talk about Kathryn with out completely crying and I think this is progress.  I did get a little choked up but didn’t have the tears running down my cheeks.  I only cried a little by myself.

I received an email the other day from my friend who lost her daughter 5 years ago.  She talked about not going to church so much now because she just cries.  That is exactly how it is for me she said the music and songs all make her cry.  Me too!  I can’t do it.  I know that I should be seeking out God’s help now more than ever but I can’t do this by attending church.  So I think both she and I will be attending very few church services for a while.

I’m pooped so off to bed I go.
Good NIght

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