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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Visions 3-13-12

Visions 3-13-12

Started the day by looking at Medical bills for taxes.  Yuck!  The stack of medical bills is so high it is unbelievable.  This year I think we will have enough to write some off.  No doubt!

I did get a couple of walls painted.  They look good in the right light but I think one more thin roll will do it.  A pale green in the entryway.  I’ll move to the hallway upstairs tomorrow.

I had coffee with a friend of mine today.  She and I go way back but haven’t had very much contact in our adult life.  I think I have seen her about 4 or 5 times since high school.  Well she has a gift of receiving messages from God.  She told me a couple of incredible stories of other people then she told me how she prayed to God about Kathryn.  She has really been impacted by Kathryn’s death that she had to ask God about it.  He told her that Kathryn had a short duty and it was done.  A short duty.  I guess that was inspiring so many people to make changes for the good.  Not just to better their own lives but to better the lives of those around them.  Maybe that was Kathryn’s duty.  She also said that she had a vision for me.  She saw a gold arrow shooting with the words: Love, Peace and Withstanding.  She was really kind of confused about the withstanding.  So she looked it up and so did I.  To me it could mean many things.  After we had both headed home I got a call from her.  She said, “I forgot to tell you the most important thing.  I saw Kathryn with flowers and God said her first questions were how do you make the flowers and how do you get all the different colors?”  Sounds like something Kathryn would ask.  I told my friend to keep asking God about Kathryn because I don’t get any answers myself.  She told me to just keep asking.  That’s the second person who has told me to just keep talking to Kathryn or God and that I will get answers.  I guess I better start talking.

Tonight I was making a Lanny for the Panda project.  Lannies are those braided things that you may have made at camp or at the park with a park leader or in some arts and crafts session.  They are made of these plastic like strands.  The one I am making has 8 strands and twists.  Richard helped me pick the colors and it is going to be so pretty when it is done.  It should go for $1,000 at the Vine Auction.  Just kidding.  Anyhow as I am trying to start it and getting the strands all twisted up I had to start laughing.  Richard asked what I was laughing at and I explained.  You know that smell that I smell when Kathryn is around, well I smell it now so Kathryn is here and probably laughing at me.  Richard had to agree that she would definitely be laughing at me.  I was all tangled up.  I felt so good to know that she was there and I could laugh about it.  I told Richard that I smell that smell when I do things that are about her or when the conversation is about her.  Maybe not every time but most of the time. 

Maybe I will dream of her tonight.  Or maybe I will pray and get an answer to a question.  Maybe I will have a vision or some kind of sign.  Maybe the TV will flicker or the light or something will happen to let me know that Kathryn is there. 

I listened to the book Heaven is for Real.  Good book.  It describes heaven in such a way that I know Kathryn would be happy there.  I know she would enjoy all the color in heaven.  And of course no disease or pain.  Cancer would not exist and this would make Kathryn happy.  She would be happy to see all the children that have gone before her there and they would not be suffering but having fun instead.

Good Night

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