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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Surprises and Clouds 3-17-12

Surprises and Clouds 3-17-12

This morning I was going through a wallet of Kathryn’s that Scott had put on the desk.  In the wallet I found a two dollar bill.  I have a few special bills and keep them in a special book.  When I went to put this bill in the book I found a note.  A note that I had not put there and didn’t know was there.  It was a note from Kathryn that said, “I Love You Mom and Dad, Love Kathryn.”  It had little hearts and flowers on it too.  It was a nice find for the day.  I have no idea when it was put there.  But I will take it and let it make me happy.

As I drove to my Mom’s house in Eatonville for a family luncheon I looked at the clouds.  I found a feather and bear head.  The tip of the nose of the bear was actually made from a little bit of blue sky.  My friend sent me a text today about the clouds she saw in the sky.  She saw a baby elephant and a heart.  I also kissed the ceiling as I went through an almost red light today.

At my Mom’s I talked to a cousin and she said she had read Kathryn’s obituary but didn’t make the connection.  She asked her daughter about it since she works at the hospital.  She said that she definitely knew of Kathryn.  She said she had seen Kathryn’s doctor and had never seen a doctor so moved by a patient as he was.
She also said that the entire Hospital would never be the same since Kathryn’s stay there.  Our family’s love, determination and compassion moved many people.  Kathryn’s positive outlook on life and love of life inspired so many. 

We are forever grateful to Kathryn’s doctors and nurses for tenderly caring for her.  Also for working so hard to get her home and finally for supporting her and our family through all of this.   I explained to one of the cousins today that Kathryn’s oncologist took great care to make sure Kathryn was able to live her life the way that she wanted.  Her last year at college (2010-2011) was a wonderful time for her and he did everything in his power to make it happen for her.  She just wanted to be in school with her friends.  She wanted to be a normal college student and for that year she was for the most part.  Her doctor and the nurses there at Mary Bridge made it all happen.  I know she had a wonderful year. 

Scott went to the track today and took a bulletin and a tri-fold from Kathryn’s Celebration with him.  He met this man there.  When Scott introduced himself to this man the man said I know this name.  So they talked some more and Scott said well my family has been written about lately by the local Porsche Club because of our daughter.  As he explained about Kathryn the man said that this was were he heard the name before.  He and his wife have been praying for our family for the last 4 months.  He lost his son at 21 in a car accident 10 years ago.  He understood our pain.  So, they talked and Scott then gave him a tri-fold and bulletin about Kathryn.  What are the odds that he would take that with him and find someone who would appreciate it so much?

There are many people who have lost children.  And as they say there is always a silver lining.  Even though Kathryn passed away we were able to tell her we loved her and were able to comfort her and say good-bye.  Our silver lining is that we were there for her and there was no pain or suffering.  We have much to be thankful for.

Good Night

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