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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spirits 3-30-12

Spirits 3-30-12

I forgot to share something.  Remember when my heart doctor said spirits are electrical.  She also said sometimes it is the phone.  I shared earlier about a friend whose phone would ring every night at 8pm every since her husband passed away.  Nobody was ever there if she answered so she came to believe it was her husband just staying in touch.  So the other night our phone rang and I answered it and no one was there.  Not only that but the number that came up on the screen of the phone was 000-0000.  That doesn’t happen!.  There is always a number (a real phone number).  Maybe it will say private or blocked but I have never seem 000-0000 before.  So was that Kathryn?  I guess maybe it was.

Yesterday Scott’s brother flew in from Hawaii so we were  busy cleaning and organizing a room for him.  Anyhow I had to go to a meeting and Scott was at home alone to vacuum.  He told me later that, “Kathryn is here”.  I asked him what he meant and how he knew she was here.  He said he could feel her.  He said he felt like someone was watching him.  Like Kathryn was watching him.  She said it was kind of scary and a good feeling all at the same time. 

I’m watching the Medium on “On Demand.”  There was a man on there who felt guilty about not saving his Mom but he was there holding her head when she died.  The mother’s message was to have him know that she appreciated him making her feel safe by being there when she passed.  I’m hoping Kathryn felt safe too.  I think she did.  Well this show really makes you believe in spirits. 

I’m home alone tonight as Scott and his brother Todd drove up the our cabin.  They will ski Saturday and Sunday at White Pass.  I always hate being here alone.  Well I guess Kathryn’s spirit is here with me and I do have the animals (Princess, Dude and Klyde).  I’m alone but not really. 

Our little friend Rowan is doing ok.  Don’t forget to pray for her.  Someone waid they met Rowan in person but no name was on the comment.  I would love to know who met Rowan in person.

I also need to know Julie who.  Which Julie is made the t-shirt quilts.  Kathryn had given me a bunch of t-shirts and I had started a quilt.  That was just this past summer.  I didn’t get far because I really didn’t know the best way to do it.  Julie I need your help.

If you just comment I can’t respond back.  If usually comes back as nonresponce.  Something like that. 

Good Night

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  1. Sorry Carol! I guess there is more than one Julie in the world. It is me...Julie Allen :) Would love to do your quilt for you!