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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Panda Projects 3-27-12

Panda Projects 3-27-12

So we have the lanny project where people including myself have made lannies for key chains.  They will have a panda charm on them and sell at the ACS wine auction on April 14th.  I’m working on my 5th lanny.  I had a hard time starting it and finally figured out what I was doing wrong.  Now they are going to add a card to it to tell a bit about Kathryn so people understand what the lannies really represent and that is Kathryn’s dedication to the ACS, Camp Goodtimes and fighting cancer.  Her fight was not only to help find a cure but to also find a way to live fully with cancer.  I guess I will be designing the card.  I had Richard choose the picture.  If you were at her celebration it will be the picture on the bulletin.  The other side will be the words telling about Kathryn.

Our other friend is a baker and she has come up with a great project that she thinks will go national.  They will make Panda cookies and sell them in coffee shops (Starbucks?).   Each cookie will raise about $.25.  We need to come up with a name for this fundraiser.  Could you make some suggestions?  We also need to decide where we should donate the money.  We are looking at The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Make A Wish, and Camp Goodtimes.  All three of these places have given to Kathryn in one-way or another.  What do you think?  We could change the recipient each month and our friend said they could change the color of the bow on the Panda according to who the recipient of the month.  Please share your ideas.  Kathryn is living on!

Now this may seem personal but you all need to practice prevention when it comes to cancer.  Get your cancer checks done: Mammograms, paps, and PSA levels checked.  Don’t forget the colonoscopy.  That’s my favorite.  I’m glad I get this done as they have found polyps which are precancerous things.  If they are left in your colon they turn to cancerous tumors.  Not good.  I do all of mine regularly as I have expected to get cancer in my life since I have seen so much cancer in my Mom’s side of the family.  I never expected one of my children to get it but I did expect it for myself.  Brain cancer has no prevention and they have no known cause.  Well Kathryn’s second diagnoses with brain cancer was caused by her radiation that they did the first time.  They say they are 99.9% sure about that.  They use to do a full brain boost back when Kathryn was treated and this is what it caused for her.  However just months before she was treated back in 99 they also gave much higher doses of radiation leaving most children with learning disabilities.  At least we missed that.  One thing they have speculated to cause some forms of brain cancer is aspartame which is found in almost all diet sodas.  It is found in other things too so I would try to avoid it or at least limit your intake of it.  Tumors also feed on sugar.  I would say too much of any one thing is bad so moderation.

Looking forward to reading some ideas.  I have a meeting on Thursday about the cookies at 10 am.

Good Night

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