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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Memories 3-16-12

Little Memories 3-16-12

Is she messing with me?  I went into Kathryn’s room and the soft pink dog Allie had given her was moved.  Not a lot but I know exactly how I placed it on the bed and it was now moved.  I asked Scott about it and he said he hadn’t touched it.  Well I hadn’t either and it is just Scott and myself here.  So, maybe she is just doing enough each day to say she is here.  I hope I don’t sound crazy.  I keep asking for more so I can be sure.

I laid on her bed and looked up at the clouds.  I had painted clouds on her ceiling a few years ago.  She loved them.  The clouds are all animals and fun to guess what they are.  I did make all of them pretty obvious.  There is one that takes awhile to figure out and one that could be a few different things.  We always found things in the clouds in real life.  Just one of the things we did.

One of my students watched Kathryn and Richard when Scott and I went to Hawaii for a week.  Well, she sent an email and reminded me how the kids taught her to raise her when driving over railroad tracks.  Of course if you don’t you will have bad luck.  They also taught her to kiss your hand and touch the ceiling of the car when you go through a yellow light.  As a gesture of thanks for making it through the light safely.  I had forgotten about both of those.  My mind had been on such a serious track for the last 21 months that I forgot about all of these wonderful things.  Just too serious and now I need to get silly and have more fun. 

Scott and I have put together a road trip.  Matt, Kathryn’s boyfriend has agreed to stay at the house and watch things (animals) for us while we are gone.  It will be nice to get away.  I love it here but Richard won’t be coming home because he will be very busy at school and work.  So this will be a good time to go.  One of the places Kathryn had said she would like her ashes spread was Disney land.  Well we are going to make a stop there and leave some ashes.  I kind of feel weird about it myself but she did tell me this at one time.  She also said she wanted ashes spread at Camp Goodtimes.  We will do this later.

Speaking of Camp Goodtimes, Matt’s family has put together a way to support camp.  The idea is to get donations for camp in the form of water activities.  You see they own a wakeboard shop so it all fits.  They are also taking cash donations for camp as well.  I will attached their letter on the next blog.  I think this is a fabulous way to honor Kathryn and connect it to the family business. 

I have three lannies now.  Actually four but the fourth one I’m not sure about.  I will send it in and see if it can be used.  Kathryn had bought a bunch of lanny materials back in September or October so I have plenty of materials to keep going. 

Create your memories with the little things like cloud gazing, raising your feet over the railroad tracks and kissing the ceiling when going through a yellow light.   There are so many little things that belong to our memories.  Yep, all those good memories.  Enjoy creating them because you never know when the creating will come to an end and then you will only have the memories.


  1. HI sweet Carol,
    I feel so much better whe I read this and see you are still getting signs...you are not crazy. If you were crazy, it wouldn't hurt so bad. You are living through it and trying to make sense. Your little girl probably has permission to stay around longer to help you get things done, come up with plans for somw fun. Like a good student, I can see her asking God for permission to hang out with you longer before she starts her Heavenly life. Gosh you have a fun loving family...so many great traditions and fun and habits. I bet lots of other families have learned so much from yours.
    Do you feel like coming to Steilacoom? Do you like to walk at Chambers? Let me know :)
    Terri Eley

  2. Hi Carol and Scott,
    I know you're up at WP today (3/17) and am thinking about you. I am stunned at the strength you have shown and was so honored to have met you on the slopes recently. I hope all the best for Hope on the Slopes and for your road trip ahead.
    Bob Clifford