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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kathryn's Pandas 3-29-12

Kathryn’s Pandas  3-29-12

I worked with a couple of young ladies today on the cookie project.  We had to set up a business and then we will have to apply for nonprofit status.  There is more to all of this than we first thought.  Life was so much easier when we were all kids.  If you wanted to do a fundraiser for something you just did it.  I remember selling tickets to family and friends for a spaghetti dinner to raise money to go to Hawaii my senior year.  We just did it and the people who attended had so much fun they wanted us to do more.  I sold baked goods at school to raise money for our soccer team, had car washes, made banana bread and sold it, and had garage sales.  We just did them and no problems.  But as adults you have to do everything by the book.  There are rules and laws and then you actually have to worry about being sued.  Oh my!  All in all it is going great!  We got a lot accomplished between the two meetings today.  We are ready to submit our application for our business license.  Oh yes, the company name is Kathryn’s Pandas and our slogan is supporting kids with cancer.  Because we are giving to three organizations that support kids with cancer.  They all gave to Kathryn and we are giving back hopefully many times more.

We are going to do test cookies to see how they sell this next week.  We will have the places that sell them donate directly to the charities: Make a Wish, Camp Goodtimes or The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and this way we won’t have to have our nonprofit status yet.   We will supply the test cookies ourselves for find people to donate for the supplies.  This is all very exciting.  The funny thing about tonight is that we met at a coffee shop that had supported Kathryn back when she was 8.  They had a donation jar out for her with her picture on it. 

Today I also talked to someone at work and she said some people were wondering if I was having any trouble handling the extra time I have on my hands.  I actually was there for a little while.  She assured them that I would have something going on.  She was right.  I probably spent 5 hours our more on the cookie project today and more time on emails about other fundraisers.  I fit in some house cleaning too.  Tomorrow I will work on the storyboards for the displays at the coffee shops for the cookies.  As well as finish my last lanny for the wine auction.  I will get all the lannies sent out tomorrow too.  I love doing this stuff.  This is why I loved my job that I had with Unique Beverage giving away Wired and Cascade Ice.  I gave to cancer organizations and they loved it.  It gives me such a good feeling to do something good for people. 

Scott dropped off a things from Kathryn’s celebration today at the ICU where she was for so long.  He gave them a bulletin, tri-fold, a DVD of the slide show, and a DVD of the entire service with video of all the displays, luminaries and cakes.  They were very excited to get these.  Many of them had to work that day so we wanted to share this with them.

Scott’s brother is flying into town from Hawaii.  His trip has been interesting.  About an hour and a half out they turned the plane around and went back to Hawaii because a man had a heart attack.  We had to turn around one time too after we had already had an entire day delay.  We turned around half way there and went back to San Francisco.  It was a bad deal.  Anyhow, Scott just called and they lost his brother’s luggage too.  He has had a very long day.  Good thing his meeting at the REI head quarters isn’t until 1:30.  I hope they get his stuff here early enough for Scott to take him up skiing.  All of his ski stuff is probably in his luggage. 

A great day! I did smell that sweet smell of Kathryn several times today.  Every time I work on something in her honor I smell it.  She is here!

Good Night

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