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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Descendents 3-14-12

Descendents 3-14-12

We (Scott, Richard and myself) watched the movie descendants tonight.  So many feelings were brought up during this movie. 

First Hawaii, where we would go to visit Scott’s family. We went there so many times.  The house they stopped at that was for sale is just behind my Mother in laws house.  I walked by that house so many times.  Then they talked about the Black Point pool where we swan more than once.  One of the other houses was a place Scott and I went to for a class reunion party for his school.  The school they talked about Punahou was the high school Scott went to.  So many things that were familiar.  Even Scott’s brother, Todd, was in the movie. Oh, how things have changed.

The family in this movie was like a family, meaning owning lots of land, like one of Scott’s old friends.  I have met this man and seen some of the property in the trust.  But it amazes me how dysfunctional a family can be and it seems the more money they have the more dysfunctional they are. 

The mother was dying in the movie and of course reminded me of Kathryn.  However the way the family treated the mother was so awful.  Even though she made a mistake she never deserved the treatment they gave her.  Yelling at someone in the last moments of life I terrible.  Being so close to this situation I noticed the lack of touch and compassion.  We held Kathryn’s hand and told her how much we loved her every day.  No harsh words or even negative words.  When George Clooney kissed her good bye it reminded me of kissing Kathryn good-bye.  I’m so glad Kathryn was able to come home and be in her bed and die with us by her side while feeling our touch.  I hope she felt comfort.  I know that a lot of cancer patients die in much discomfort or on so many drugs to keep them from thrashing because of pain. I’m so grateful that Kathryn just went to sleep.  Kind of like the lady in the movie just still and peaceful.  Kathryn was not like this lady hanging on for days like this only one day but she was peaceful and just went to sleep.  There was no pain and no drugs.  She had us there as I promised never to leave her alone.

So, it was a movie that reminded me every minute of my own life.  Reminded me of how life has changed.  That change that I don’t like but must accept and try to understand.  It left me teary eyed.  Thank goodness I had tissue close by.

I had to repaint today.  All three of us agreed that the green was too light.  It needed to be darker.  So I repainted with a darker green and now I think it is perfect.  Tomorrow or Friday I will paint the upstairs hallway.  It is all prepared and ready.  A lot of cutting in so it will take a while.

Up early tomorrow to give blood.  I really understand how important blood products are now.  Kathryn had never had any transfusions until November 2011 and then it seemed she had a transfusion just about every week.  Whether it was platelets or red blood cells she needed the blood products.  I have been giving blood for years now.  I have given gallons.  I’m on 6 or 8 gallons.  I can’t remember which but it is a lot.  My blood is given to babies.  I have “O” negative which they love to have since any one can get “O” negative blood.  I am also negative for the CMV virus.  Most people carry this virus.  They like to use blood that doesn’t have this virus for babies.  Donating is just something I have decided I should do and have all these years.  They call me every 56 days and I give every time they call.  I noticed that with a couple of Kathryn’s transfusions they had to give her “O” negative when she is actually “A” negative.  That means they were short on “A” negative blood.  So if you can give blood please do.  I have always been afraid of needles and shots all of my life.  I even had fillings done without Novocain to avoid a shot.  I over came this fear of needles and decided to give blood because I knew it was the right thing to do.  The first time I gave was at the Relay for Life in Tacoma in 2000 and I have given every since.  Really think about giving if you don’t already.  It is so important for so many people.  You can be responsible for saving a life.  You even get a treat after you give.  I usually chose the chocolate milk and some kind of cookie. 

Good Night.

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